Swamp Money: 9 of the 20 Richest Counties in U.S. are D.C. Suburbs

No one is surprised.

Dan Bongino.com: Nine out of the 20 richest counties in the United States are suburbs of Washington, D.C.

Terence Jeffrey of CNSNews reported that the Census Bureau data released today reveals that two Northern Virginia counties “are richer than the California counties that constitute Silicon Valley.” more

14 Comments on Swamp Money: 9 of the 20 Richest Counties in U.S. are D.C. Suburbs

  1. Take a drive on any interstate in those areas. You’ll soon understand what shitholes they are; because that (unearned) money is in the wrong hands.

  2. It’s a great racket, isn’t it? National Government grows like a cancer on the country.
    They are the mechanism that levy taxes, impose regulations and collect taxes. They then disburse their ill gotten booty amongst themselves, all the while labeling themselves ‘public servants’.

  3. … ‘is run’ … jeez

    are run’ … sorry, the ghost of Mrs. Geiger, my third grade teacher, just rapped me on my shoulder w/ her pointer stick

  4. Wow.
    Montgomery County used to be in the top five. Now they are down to 18th? That shows how liberal policies drag an economy down.
    In order to win the vote, the libtards had to import ignorant poor people – first from the decrepit cities, and now from shithole countries.

  5. When I was a kid, Rockville, Wheaton, Silver Spring and Gaithersburg, MD were nice towns in Montgomery County. Now they are shitholes.

  6. As always, mathematics speak clearly. You can twist it, turn it, paint it, or dress it in women’s clothing, but the math remains the math; the only possible conclusion is corruption.

  7. These days I never venture north of spotsylvania county.

    Looking for a Trump rally in DC. Many of us are ready. It’s time.

  8. How many Saudi’s live there?….On 9-11-2001 they had a plane headed in that general direction. But for the hero’s on flight 93….

  9. They moved all the scum out of DC to Charles County, and other now noisome areas. There was a time when St. Charles was ok. There was a time when Oxon Hill was ok. There was a time when Waldorf was ok. 27 fucking miles out of the city and it’s all polluted with scum. I moved 1200 miles to get away from that noxious shit.

    And don’t get me wrong… they moved out the noxious shit just to get a different brand of noxious shit in DC.

  10. I hope a time comes when it will be acceptable to chase down the swampsters in the streets and deliver instant justice to them.


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