The Ad That Got Brexit Done

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  1. Yeah they like to say Happy Christmas instead (Merry has to do with being intoxicated? I was told once) Cute ad watched it twice!
    So Merry has to do with following the lead of the USA.
    Thumbs up!

  2. Boris and Donald have it figured out. Conservatives have been cast by liberals as inhumane and humorless for decades. Demonstrate those lies to be false and the rest of the liberal lies crumble as well.

    Remember your jaw dropping when Trump pitched to the black community in 2016?
    The democrats have been breaking promises to your community for years. ‘What do you have to lose?‘

    Latest employment, wage and approval numbers bear that strategy out.
    Well done, Mr. Johnson.

    This is the winning playbook. Self deprecating with a touch of mocking of liberals.

  3. That’s one of the best, most effective and enjoyable political ads I’ve ever seen.

    Well done, Boris.
    Don’t Fuck it Up!

    With love from across the pond.

  4. Sexist racist dogwhistle ad, wingnuts are the same everywhere. Implying the colored man is too lazy to get up and get the door, and that the woman is subservient to his every whim. You bigot conservatards oughht to be ashamed of yourselves.

  5. Whew! Good to know that my latest screed against Cassie was successfully deleted.

    I delved into her meaningless life, her persuasive attempts to draw this audience into her silly world view as regurgitated into her brain by liberal college professors into her tiny brain, like a mother robin spewing worm bits into the gaping mouths of their babies.

    I had suggested an exit strategy for her. Liberals love exit strategies.

    But, it is unkind for intellectual superiors to suggest such thoughts to mental inferiors and I apologize for the thought.

  6. hey Cassandra, don’t leave. Hang out and keep commenting and reading the replies. I was a liberal once. I was three years old at the time, but I was a liberal once. If you’re unable to challenge your own deeply held views, then it’s best for you to leave.

    Since the media, academia and deep state all despise what we patriots stand for, we’ve learned how to persuade, not belittle, shame and silence our opponents.

  7. M.E.G.A. Making England Great Again.
    Awesome ad. Our Donald, has started a Freedom Fire around the World

    Merry Christmas


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