Swiss Voting Today On Whether To Knuckle Under To EU On Gun Control


Swiss voters are casting their ballots on Sunday in a referendum on tightening the country’s gun laws to comply with rules from the European Union.

Although Switzerland is not an EU member, it could fall out of the open-border Schengen area if it does not change its gun laws — prompting serious backups at its borders and potential consequences for its economy and tourism industry.

Initial results will be released around 1:30 p.m. local time (1230 UTC), with a final result expected around 5:30 p.m. More

For some background, Time did an approving feature on Switzerland’s gun culture in 2012. Here

10 Comments on Swiss Voting Today On Whether To Knuckle Under To EU On Gun Control

  1. Gun control, it’s for your own good they said. Until there was a problem of where to put all the dead gunless folk.
    Shoot back.

  2. I’m waiting for the results. It is my imperfect understanding that the proud Swiss tradition of the citizens owning arms dates back far into their history and was a mark of being a voting citizen.

    If they surrender it to the Euro-Weeinies they will deserve the muslim invasions, rapes, violence, and subjugation that will follow. I think they are smarter than that. I reserve judgment until I hear about the voting results. Will they be awesome or will they be craven fools that I will write off?

  3. They used to make you prove you wouldn’t be a financial burden to swiss society before they’d allow you to immigrate; now gun restriction; who needs a Hitler? – Sounds like the idiotic left is ruining things there as well.

  4. Every war in Europe was won by whom ever could hire the most Swiss mercenaries. Then one day a guy named William Tell said “Hey, let’s start our own country”. “Who’s going to stop us?”
    Switzerland IS an army. If they disarm themselves, they are no longer a country.

  5. I don’t think the Swiss will accede to EU gun control. They’ll take the pain in the ass at the borders with the same dour expression as when they took all the Nazi money and kept the money from Jews soon to be dead. Besides, the Swiss all do military service and are required to keep an army level weapon at home for defense. All they have to do is peek out from behind their borders to see that it’s still a good idea.


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