Symbolism Much? Building Simply Collapses in DC

Yes, it was dilapidated. But that’s part of the symbolism.

12 Comments on Symbolism Much? Building Simply Collapses in DC

  1. Sure, it was an old dilapidated building but now whats to be done about all of the newly homeless rats, what about there needs?
    A little consideration should be given to the frisky little creatures that are the symbol of that city.

  2. The roof had fallen in, nothing holding it up but a wing and a prayer.
    Happens all the time in Detroit, another Prog homeland.

  3. Just like Washington, let them fall down and then just rebuild it, but make improvements so it doesn’t happen again. Neglected decay is taking its toll, stop with the patches.

  4. Must have been early in the morning. Didn’t notice any of Obama’s kids taking shots at the fire truck. Or, in their case, fahr trut.

  5. I bet the fire truck was on the way back to the station. Or on their way to lunch.
    Look at that building next to it! It looks like it’s sliding to the left. lol

  6. Pedestrians were damn lucky; they just cleared the corner sidewalk before it was covered in debris. They should now go buy a lottery ticket.


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