Take Out Wrenched Fetus


I wish I could tell you good people that this was a parody I created.


San Diego Reader-

Abortion will be provided free to day-care facilities and libraries nationwide, but will also retail for $25, said Bradshaw, and should be available by Christmas.

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  1. I wish you could tell me that was some kind of sick perverted joke but unfortunately it’s probably all too true. Do these ghouls have no sense of decency? Or is it politically correct now to corrupt children into thinking that abortion is no big deal. What if the aborted fetus were their brother or sister? I weep for what’s left of my once great country and pray for God’s mercy on us.

  2. Bradshaw stated “They can’t get it through their heads that if it’s legal, it’s right, and that’s the end of it.”

    I’m not sure where on this lands on the scale her personal flaws, but this is one of the more amateurish justifications I’ve ever heard. Coming from a defiant ghoul makes it just that more contemptible.

  3. These people really are twisted, satanic vermin. The PP person stated this in the linked article:

    “Everybody knows that if a woman wants to donate her kidney to someone who needs a kidney, she is free to do that. It’s a praiseworthy thing to do. And if she wants to donate her fetus’s kidney, she’s free to do that, too. The fetus isn’t exactly her, but it’s definitely hers — her property, to dispose of as she wishes in accordance with the law.”

    I thought it was wrong for people to think they could own other people, yet a baby with its own unique DNA apparently doesn’t qualify as a person to these ghouls. According to this moral midget, the woman “owns” the child and is “free to dispose of it” as she wishes. It seems to me that pure, unadulterated evil really is on the rise these days as evidenced by stories like this.

    Hopefully, Hasbro (the maker of the “Operation” game will sue these cretins into oblivion.

  4. Y’know, I don’t bother reading The People’s Cube anymore, because reality has eclipsed anything they could possibly come up with.

  5. It’s hard to believe that isn’t a parody article, I mean the tone defense, the diabolic nature of thinking that children harvesting body parts from a fetus is somehow a socially acceptable activity.

    Some one should charge these people with child abuse if they really do print up these abominations and try to sell them to children.

    Why not teach kids to play “Waterboard” or “Abu Graib”? How is that any different from what they are trying to promote to children here.

    Disgusting lack of moral decency.

  6. Why not do an Obama operation game Fur?

    With any luck his plane will have engine troubles over Africa and a cannibal tribe from that ‘progressive’ continent will feast on the bastards liver.

  7. I learned some time ago that when a progressive liberal talks about wanting to do something that, in the eyes of nearly every other human being, is insanely depraved, then looks at you and asks, “What’s wrong with that?”, it’s best to just shrug and say, “I dunno.” You’re not going to convince a person with no soul to start thinking like someone who has one.

  8. Was talking to a professed Socialist one time at my local boat club, in the club house.

    When I told him partial-birth abortion was evil he looked at me with an incredulous expression and said: “No it’s not.”

    Me: ‘What part of killing a baby that’s in the process of being birthed but killed instead is OK?’

    I thanked God that a woman overhearing the conversation, stepped in and read him the riot act. The insanity of not acknowledging a tiny human was being killed left me with the desire to punch the ever loving lights out of the guy. Repeatedly.

  9. Good eye, anonymous.

    PP and their supporters are defending and justifying the indefensible with such energy and indignation, it was quite easy to believe them capable of this. I mean, after being shown video of some of their top people haggling over baby organs, this did not seem far-fetched one bit.

  10. “In the early part of the 20th Century, there was still a lot of suspicion surrounding hospitals. People saw them as places full of disease and danger, where you were just as likely to get worse as you were to get better.”

    Yeah, I think with MRSA and other diseases as well as the fact that in places with socialized medicine you might well die from neglect or maltreatment, those fears are justified.

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