Taking Bets…

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  1. General Malaise, too late, he shits his pant load every time he waddles out to a podium, why he is in such a hurry to leave w/no questions and is nasty, snapping at reporters, nothing like filling triple layered depends and then farting and KNOWING you shit yourself, there is probably a daily pool among them that wins when they know he shits himself.

  2. I’m certain most of his handlers have muttered this under their breath every time they take his elbow to propel him back to the confines of his safe space. “Let’s go, Brandon.”

  3. After months of hearing F*ck Joe Biden, he will gladly accept, and even encourage, Let’s Go Brandon. My bet is on Black Friday.

  4. Hmm… I’m gonna go with “build brandnbraids uh do better”

    Funny how some Indian guy who works for some bullshit climate whatever at the UN used Build Back Better way before biden got selected at the Dem primary.

  5. Brandon was his best friend, black of course, when he was in ‘Nam’ and Joestalinbiden, rescued him from a POW camp. COME ON MAN.

  6. Soon his tawdry wife will refer to him as her ‘husband and president brandon’. No doubt msm will soon slip up and refer to him as brandon as will the orangey Chuckie mannequin Psacki.


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