Tammy Bruce: Lincoln vs. Obama — The incredible tale of two libraries


FOX [Tammy Bruce] : This is a story of priorities and hypocrisy, brought to us by a president who saved the Union and was murdered for it, and a president whose policies and malevolence damaged both the nation and the world, and who is being rewarded for it.

The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation is in trouble. It is auctioning off non-Lincoln related artifacts in an effort to pay back a loan that is coming due. You see, the Lincoln Library doesn’t make a lot of money or attract enough major donors to operate. This is odd, considering President Lincoln is a “favorite” president for so many of today’s modern politicians.

Lincoln wasn’t just a regular touchstone, as an example, for the now super wealthy Barack Obama, he was used to help get Mr. Obama elected as president. Mr. Obama’s affinity for, and similarity to, Mr. Lincoln was made clear to us by his sycophantic legacy media.

“In the last couple of years, several best-selling books have focused on the life and political skills of the nation’s 16th president. And one man in particular has taken a particular interest in not just reading about the Illinois politician, but also modeling himself politically after him. That man: Barack Obama, who will be sworn in as the nation’s 44th — and first African-American — president Tuesday …,” gushed CNN on Jan. 19, 2009.

The New York Times told us, “Not since Lincoln has there been a president as fundamentally shaped — in his life, convictions and outlook on the world — by reading and writing as Barack Obama.” Obama the bookworm. And even better than Lincoln.

Mr. Obama not writing the Gettysburg Address could be fixed, don’t you worry. The Obama White House archive highlights your access to “President Obama’s Handwritten Essay Marking the 150th Anniversary of the Gettysburg Address.” Get it? Because Lincoln hand-wrote the Gettysburg address, Mr. Obama would hand-write his homage to the Gettysburg address. Lincoln’s address: 272 words. Obama’s is 273 words.

Isn’t that amazing? Just like Lincoln. There is one significant difference, however, between the men and perfectly illustrated by the two statements — Mr. Obama refers to himself several times. Mr. Lincoln not at all.  more

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  1. Barry has never proved where he was born. Is birth certificate showing online is it Photoshop forgery which is a tested to buy software experts.
    Yet he is never punished. A perpetual get a jail free card? Clinton’s have one as well.

  2. Lots of people also believe Lincoln was gay. But the similarity ends there, because he wasn’t gay.

  3. Barry was made up out of whole cloth
    He was supposed to hand over the Country to the Globalists.
    When it was obvious he was a failure, the Hilary entitlement machine started up.
    When, after a false flag disaster Hilary would trade the Presidency for the UN Secretary position by handing over our sovereignty, and she would then bring in the UN Blue Helmets to provide “Common sense gun control” by forcefully taking them all.
    Then the Globalists fever dream of a One World Government would bear its bitter fruit.
    The swamp would have eaten any of the other candidates on the GOP side.
    Mr. Trump Not so much
    The entire Left Machine has been woken up and sent out to destroy him with 90% negative Press coverage (collusion with the swamp), breathless reportage and magnification and aggrandizement of every misspoken work, sure that this next new revelation would ‘bring down’ the President
    Bannon was right.
    This fight is just getting started

  4. Lincoln—an unqualified inexperienced nobody from a startup radical fringe party whose actual policies we would now call Hard Left— received only 27% of the vote in a 4-way race. His vote and support came entirely from the Northern big cities of New York, Boston, and Chicago. The 1860 election was clouded by obvious, outrageous big city machine voter fraud, much of it benefiting Lincoln.

    With 72% of the voters having not voted for him, Lincoln was enormously unpopular from the start. His wife Mary was a schizophrenic, given to public hallucinations, paranoia, and uncontrollable screaming rages that lasted for hours at a time.
    Lincoln himself secretly believed he was infected with late stage syphilis (untreatable then) and that Mary’s insanity was due to his having infected her with the dread disease.
    Lincoln’s ego and his debt to Northern banking interests forced the Civil War, easily the most preventable and avoidable conflicts in all history.
    What we now call the Emancipation Proclamation was actually a cynical lawyerly ploy. Lincoln offered to declare for the South an unconstitutional EO guaranteeing the Federal Government would never interfere with slavery if only the Southern States would acknowledge Lincoln as President, and resume paying taxes to Washington by a certain deadline.

    After his death, having slaughtered 800,000 American boys and burned and impoverished literally half the United States for generations to come, the victors had to massively rewrite Lincoln so as to justify the devastation.

    The Lincoln story taught in Federal schools is as false as the Mandela and Che Guevara stories.
    And for the same reasons.

  5. “has there been a president as fundamentally shaped — in his life, convictions and outlook on the world — by reading and writing as barack obama.” obama the bookworm.”

    the only thing obama read was comic books and romance novels!

    Rufus – excellent write up on lincoln!

  6. So Rufus, are you saying because Lincoln won the electoral college vote, but not the popular vote, he was not a legitimate president? Really?

  7. Rufus. I have never read that. Can you please refer a book or website so I can look into further?


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