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Targeting Democrats


In addition to Joe Biden, the light allows users to choose from a roaster of other American political figures including Kamala Harris, Hillary Clinton, and Nancy Pelosi.

The product in question is called the “Pee-Litical Targets” which is usually placed at the bottom of the toilet seat cover so that it would automatically light up as a target when an individual opens it. More

The company’s website Here

The X post that started it all. Watch

25 Comments on Targeting Democrats

  1. So they came up with a Trump version. Of course – it’s only of him, no one else. TDS!!

    I bet the dem version sells more.

    That’s real voting. With your wallet.

  2. If he gets elected? Tain’t no if’s and’s or but’s about it.
    Civil what bitch?. Dream on.
    Pillow Guy will have plenty-o-pillows for all his followers to cry in.

  3. Or yours 1st.
    Butt butt I want a new judge, a new venue, I want, I want…
    Da judge, oh your much much too late for asking for this, request DENIED. Jury selection to begin on April 15th. Who needs a jury?
    Guilty, lock him up!

  4. “Come on man, I heard theres a Trump ad bus that needs a new driver. Jump on in & bring to New York. I know your brainless enough”

    I’ll drive it. As long as you guarantee you’ll meet me. Face to face. I know, not your style.


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