Ted Cruz harassed by male misogynist

You have to give it up to Ted Cruz. He has a good sense of humor.

By the way, Cenk, he won’t debate you because you’re less of a challenge than a jar of wood filler.

Are you kidding? The Fred Flintstone of the left challenging Ted Cruz to a debate? What subject, eating?

13 Comments on Ted Cruz harassed by male misogynist

  1. sink, still trying to be relevant ….. failed again.

    Try debating Joe Biden and an 8 year old 3rd grader, you may have a chance of coming in second after the 3rd grader.

  2. So, if I understand Cenk’s tweet, he’s offering Cruz the same $10,000 Shapiro offered Ocasio. Spending other peoples’ money is basic to their DNA.

  3. I keep seeing My local libtards spouting the same lie about

    the Media favoring the Conservatives….

    It really is a mental disorder…

  4. The only Cenk Uygur video anyone ever needs to watch:

    From hubris to foaming at the mouth meltdown. It gets really good around 19:15.

    “To those motherf*****s on Twitter, fucking with me right now I just want you to know that I don’t give a f*** – I’m ready for the revolution. *flicks off the camera with double middle fingers blazing*”

    Rich, creamy schadenfreude.


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