Why Can’t She Stay Home?

The Anywhere But NY14 Girl.

Patriot Retort: I mentioned a few weeks ago that I’m stunned by the arrogance of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

She’s the Anywhere But NY14 Girl.

She’s in Kansas, Missouri, Minnesota, Hawaii.

She’s anywhere and everywhere but the district she’s supposed to be running in.

Ordinarily politicians wait until after they’re elected to ignore their constituents.

But the Anywhere But NY14 Girl is ignoring them already.

It’s stunning to me that Alexandria has all the time in the world to campaign for other people. But she doesn’t seem to have a single minute to campaign for the votes of people she hopes to “represent.”

Sure, it might be fun to laugh at her painfully embarrassing stupidity.

But she hasn’t won the election yet.  MORE

24 Comments on Why Can’t She Stay Home?

  1. Adult Educated Democrats must be Horrified by this Girls ignorance, but they truly stick by a Candidate even if it meaans Screwing America.

  2. “Maybe they won’t have her?”
    Uncle Al

    Probabaly, but who are we to deny them their vote? Enjoy your decision, I know we do!

  3. She’s so smart she only seems really stupid to us little people, besides she has a hyphenated name, that’s proof she’s the smartest guy in the room…..AND she has that Teflon potential dems love so well. If she comes out as gay, she’ll have the Teflon trifecta.

  4. Clearly the arrogant little mare thinks that she’s won already and is preparing herself for a presidential run.
    If you listen to the far left you’d think that she was the 3rd coming of Jesus (Obama being the 2nd obviously.)

  5. Hey, would YOU stay in the Bronx if you knew some liberal asshole with no common sense was paying your bill to go where ever?

  6. Well, I happen to think she is FABULOUS!!! She perfectly represents the disconnect and disregard for the will of the people that is the short-lived future of the Dem party. Agenda first!!! Objectivity be damned!!!

  7. She must not look good necked otherwise she would have gone into acting….for money. Not for sport acting, like politics….

  8. last time I saw a mouth like that the Lone Ranger was riding it

    “Hi Yoh Ocasio … Away!”

  9. She’s like American Express, you can’t leave home without her.

    Wait ‘til they Discover she really here on an expired Visa. Of course she’ll just play the Master-race-Card.

    That’s it for today. Please don’t forget to tip your server! 😉

  10. btw … ‘home’ is not NY14, it’s Westchester

    a fact they are trying mightily to cover up

  11. The more I look at her the more I’m convinced there’s no porno of her that’s been made….. Like…. ever.

  12. She had to leave. She already chewed the bark off all the trees in her district, and there’s nothing left for her to eat.

  13. Her teeth stuck out so fer, she didn’t have much sense
    She could gnaw an ear of corn right thru’ a picket fence
    Our marriage license cost a quarter
    On the tennessee border. . ht. red Foley


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