Turn Yourself In, Cuomo, You Broke a Federal Law


ALBANY, N.Y. — At an event in the Adirondacks last week, Gov. Andrew Cuomo recounted a treasured memory of the time his family retrieved an eagle feather from Saranac Lake and kept it after one of the beautiful birds swooped near his canoe.

In telling the story, the New York Democrat was unknowingly confessing a crime.

A federal law prohibits non-Native Americans from possessing bald eagle parts, including feathers. The law has been on the books for nearly 80 years.


Yes, it’s petty, but what would happen to the “little people”?

The same thing should apply to corrupt, anti-semite, homophobic governors.

8 Comments on Turn Yourself In, Cuomo, You Broke a Federal Law

  1. “The same thing should apply to corrupt, anti-semite, homophobic governors.”

    Except….anti-semite, homophobic governors, et al, are above the law.

  2. If I got a pigeon feather in the Bronx that was a big deal and we were told not to go near the things!

    Andy Boy, my gov, is an Alpha-Fail. AN Absolute effing DUNCE, a BULLY that needs a nose bleed of his own.

    HE, that prick, was the one that started the rumour “Vote for Coumo NOT the homo” in reference to Eddie Koch.

    Tell us you didn’t? ANNNNNdeee.

    I will never call the Tappan Zee Bridge ANYTHING but what I am supposed to call it. The TZ…

    Andy, ya thug, ya like ya-self so much go eff ya-self.

    Read about what he is doing to the NRA…and therefore the Constitution itself…this is a Giant Slug in the Swamp of NY corruption. Think Jabba.


  3. He knew. Jigga was a BoyScout. Ain’t a scout alive that doesn’t know you can’t jack bald eagle feathers. Dude probably threw a rock at the bird to make a feather fall off.

    Hell, dudes a dago. Probably stripped it of it’s feathers for the black market and sunk the eagles body in the lake with chain and cinderblocks.

  4. @ Aaron Burr- define for those that do not know what a jigga is and a dago.

    You know for those living in Rio Linda, as Rush might say?

    You might as well explain mic, kike and spic…oh and what is a wigga…just so we get that out too.

    I am a Mic so I already know what that is.

    Go ahead, tell us, educate us oh you young one.

    Hamilton was evidently not up to it, even though he CLEANED your clock in battlefield service to Washington, he missed ya.

    PISS OFF! Ya gnat.



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