Ted Cruz Is Asked If He’s ‘One of Those’ Who Doesn’t Believe President Obama Is a Christian

Here’s How He Responds


11 Comments on Ted Cruz Is Asked If He’s ‘One of Those’ Who Doesn’t Believe President Obama Is a Christian

  1. Great response.
    I’m ‘one of those’ too although sometimes I think the only thing Obozo worships is himself. There are plenty on the Left who appear to belong ot the cult of Obama worship complete with the coming of age ass kissing rituals.

  2. His response should be:

    “I am not going to defend Obamas “honor” when someone supposes out loud he is a muslime while we are persecuting American soldiers that are defending small children from being raped by moslime soldiers”.

    Is it a slur or felonious insult to state that you think someone is a moslime now ? Its now on the same level as calling someone a racist, rapist, pedophile, drug addict, whore, cunt, nigger, spic, etc… ? I never realized what a horrible, hateful, slanderous offense it is to call someone a moslime.

    That being said, has anyone ever seen Odinga at one of those Hawaiian pig roasts, or eat a hot dog at a ball game, pizza with pepperoni, Chicago bodega pork rinds, or any other pork food ? maybe a ham and egg omlette, a BBq sandwich, some chicharron, some pigs feet soup, some Haitian VooDoo spit pig, some Chinee ribs or por fried fice / I wonder… Is there any evidence out there?

  3. Actually, Obola sympathizes with the izlamics because he could put their form of totalitarianism to good use, like all the theocrats, do. None of them (socialists, islamists, totalitarians of all stripes, communists, fascists, or dictators) believe in a power higher than themselves. They are nihilists at heart, and just want to kill, destroy, and amass power at the expense of their fellow humans.

    They are truly Satanic.

  4. Cruz speaks as a man of God. The progtards might be able to fool a simple man with this “test”, but they are only making fools of themselves if they think they can pull one over on God and the people he chooses to bless.

    Go Cruz!!

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