Terry’s Dance Moves Should Cost Him Many Votes

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  1. You are guilty of Dad dancing with Extreme White Guy rhythm felony specifications. It is the order of the Democrat Court that you therefore be remanded to Delaware until such time as Pedo Joe Biden, assisted by Hillary Clinton, can explain to you in excruciating detal just how to be Black.

  2. @erb
    Now I understand why the alphabet people want to use they/them pronouns.
    It looks like there’s a group under the tent.

  3. Klowns being klowns.
    No dignity. No shame. No character. No honor. No probity.
    Just klownish appeals to the lower, more ignorant among us.

    Says a lot about the mental capacities of Virginia, in particular, and America, in general.

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. “Terry’s Dance Moves Should Cost Him Many Votes”

    Sure, but 3/5ths of every one of those votes will be shifted back to him, where I want thrm, *somehow*, not sure how, imagine that.. *giggle*

    He’ll be fine, because I’ll be there for him.

    Other thsn control top pantyhose, I’m all the support he needs…

  5. They’re democrats. Nothing HAS to make sense. In fact, it’s likely that they’d lose lots of votes if it did make any sense…

  6. @ Hilda: That Mao jacket has spine and trunk stiffeners in it to keep us from seeing his decrepit slump. It also may have a shock pack in it to keep him “smiling”…


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