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Tesla Owner’s Video Exposes Reason Electric Cars Won’t Solve Gas Crisis

Neon Nettle: A reporter’s video has gone viral after he filmed his struggles with trying to charge his Tesla, exposing the reasons why electric cars won’t solve the gas crisis.

The Biden administration has been heavily pushing electric cars, promising Americans that switching to the expensive vehicles will magically solve the problem of rising gas prices.

To help us make this quick switch, the Biden admin admits they’re counting on today’s higher gas prices to prompt us to park or scrap our cars next week, and splash out tens of thousands of dollars to whisk off in our lithium-filled electric ride.

However, people who already own electric cars are reporting major flaws with the Democratic vision of a green transportation utopia.

Business Insider reporter Ben Bergman recently tweeted while in a long line of electric cars waiting to be charged.

While gas cars can be filled in minutes, an electric vehicle can typically take around half an hour to charge at a fast-charging point. read more

25 Comments on Tesla Owner’s Video Exposes Reason Electric Cars Won’t Solve Gas Crisis

  1. The reasons electric cars are so totally wrong at solving anything are abundant.

    I wish I’d bookmarked the article I read that stated that there are not enough known raw materials on the planet to create batteries for all the electric cars that would be required to replace every gasoline powered cars in the UK.

    Think about that. It probably won’t take but a second.

    To top it off Venezuela and Brazil have the largest known deposits of lithium. The other materials required for battery production are mined in third world countries using child labor.

    Wind turbines killing Eagles, solar arrays frying birds. It’s all just wrong. But as I’ve said countless times, leftists treasure intentions, not results.

  2. I have a strict rule and it goes like this: Don’t apply the “royal we” and include me unless you want me to shove it back down your throat.


    “We need more super chargers @elonmusk”

    Fuck you! WE don’t need Jack shit. YOU want more super chargers and YOU expect others to pay for YOUR expensive toys you fucking asshole.

  3. Make the batteries easily swappable. Pull into battery service station swap out batteries. Be on your way. Service station attendant (remember them?) charges the discharged battery for the next guy.

  4. EV’s are a toy for the rich and the foolish. They can’t replace gas or diesel power. Maybe in 50 years, but not now and that’s why the progressive scum are pushing them. They just can’t get through a day without hurting someone somehow.

  5. Electric cars have been around for over a century, and they’re inadequate for the same limitations now as they were then.
    When they come up with solar/battery technology that allows for a 100% solar powered vehicle, with a backup battery for night drives and as a reserve, and guaranteed not to burn your house down while charging the battery, I’ll have a look.

  6. The Biden administration knows full well that its promised energy plans are bullshit. They know very well that what they’re doing will result in a zero energy economy and the death of millions of American lives.

  7. All electric cars do is hide the actual power source so they look green.
    ME guv is pushing them too.
    Good luck with that in Maine. Especially rural Maine.
    Or the Golden Road! Go look up Golden Rd. North Maine Woods.
    Cost us $2000 in front end repairs and I have a Jeep!

  8. Today at lunch, Henry Ford said, “When I asked people what they wanted instead of my Model T, they all said ‘faster horses.'”

    Never underestimate the stupidity of the human race.

  9. Hydrogen fuel cells would get rid of the battery problems. They have good range and fuel economy and can be refueled quickly BUT the cars are expensive and the refueling network is pretty much nonexistent.

  10. Wild Bill, They will become easier & faster if & when they eventually design capacitor based technology.

    When mixed with air:
    Hydrogen explosivity Range 4% to 74% go Ba Ba Ba BOOM!
    Gasoline explosivity Range 1.4% to 7.6%
    Acetylene (welding gas) 2.5% to 100% – this shit doesn’t even like itself.
    Propane 2.1% to 10.1


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