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That Didn’t Take Long


House Majority Whip Tom Emmer (R-Minn.) on Tuesday withdrew his candidacy for House speaker just hours after winning the GOP nomination for the role.

Why it matters: Emmer’s decision brings to a stunning end the brief third chapter of the House’s three-week speaker vacancy, which has paralyzed the chamber’s legislative work. More

Emmers got hit by President Trump’s atomic truth hammer Here

6 Comments on That Didn’t Take Long

  1. The truth about this RINO shitbag got out and sent him packing. I saw a lot of stuff about this clown quite a while back and was amazed that he was selected for Speaker. BUt then again, the truth hurts!!! ;^)

  2. New House Speaker:
    Congressman Mike Johnson from Louisiana.

    -Pro Life
    -America First
    -Opposes sending unaccounted billions to Ukraine.
    -Opposes mutilation of children
    -Served on the Judiciary Committee and Armed Services Committee
    -Former Chair of Republican Study Committee
    -Constitutional Lawyer
    -Married 24 years, father to four
    -Liz Cheney doesn’t like Mike.
    -Communists can’t stand him.
    -Wants to investigate Biden’s criminal activities


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