That’s A Strange Way to Attack Planned Parenthood

Robert Lewis Dear, the man arrested for the recent shooting at a Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood, must be the worse spree killer in history. Not a single employee or patient of the abortion provider was injured.

People are rescued near the scene of a shooting in Colorado Springs Friday November 27, 2015. Photo by Andy Cross/The Denver Post

But the left doesn’t pause for breath in their demand all Republican candidates disavow the violence and denounce the individual who obviously was targeting Planned Parenthood.



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  1. The day I stop EXPECTING the Media and the Left to misrepresent current events, to LIE, is the day I will voluntarily commit myself to an institution.

  2. “Not a single employee or patient of the abortion provider was injured.”

    Then who were they? Panhandlers? Right to Lifers outside?

    Who were the ones other than the law enforcement types that got shot?

  3. Fuck the left and everything that they stand for.

    So far one Republican candidate has spoken on the matter. When Ted Cruz asked people to pray for Colorado Springs, he was accused of “hate speech.”

    If I were a candidate, my comment would have been, “I pray for the souls of ALL murder victims, whether they be law enforcement, civilians, or aborted fetuses. I will not allow my campaign to be driven by the demented rantings of the left. Because I have a Christian conscience, it is simply not possible to guilt-trip me into believing that abortion does not constitute murder. Anyone who doesn’t like my views can simply fail to vote for me.”

  4. They are hiding facts in the case, and embellishing others that probably don’t even exist – like the picture of a “cross” on his Carolina cabin: two pine sticks, one laying over the other. The picture the dailymail showed looks like the “cross” is laying on its side. They are pushing the narrative that the nutbag is a “Christan conservative” and a gun nut who hates 0bama. They don’t mention that the guy thinks he’s a woman. No, that would prove that he is neither a Christian or a conservative.

    Planned Parenthood is claiming that the hidden camera videos that caught them selling baby parts are encouraging violence against the baby killing leftists.

    They are going to try to squeeze every ounce of “crimes against women” drama out of this that they can. That bitch Lynch is calling it just that.

  5. I have one question….if the PP baby parts selling video wasn’t made because PP wasn’t selling baby parts….then if PP wasn’t selling baby parts, this insane murderer wouldn’t have been inspired by a video that wasn’t made…correct?????…

  6. I find it strange how these so called right wingers (the mass shooters always turn out to be left wing nut jobs) always seem to live in ramshackle cabins deep in the woods. Isolated and alone. Yet, they are obsessed with abortion??? They never seem to feel compelled to attack global warming liars or muslime mosks or demoncrat politicians offices.

    They just seem to always go after abortion clinics even though they have not one scintilla of connection or motive to choose them… odd. This supposed nut job was not married nor
    had any family that reportedly could cause jim a grudge against them. Yet this absconder from society living in the woods of his own choice to be away from it, is so obsessed and angry about abortion he leaves his hut and moves across country to attack a clinic but not injure one abortionist.

    This whole scenario lends itself to a “tin foil hat” disection of what the hell really happened here and in so many other instances that just dont seem to add up. Conclusions are drawn and motibes assigned without one shred of circumstance or evidence to suooort it… troubling.

  7. it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if this was a false flag operation. The billions-funded Planned Parenthood abortion organization is getting pounded in the conservative media for their barbaric greedy practices so they quietly spread the word amongst their Leftist followers, asking if anyone has a crazy nutjob uncle that would attack a PP center to create unearned sympathy for PP.

    I think Ted Cruz had the best response to the ensuing Leftist mainstream media firestorm.

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