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That’s Getting Your Irish Up

A tourist from Ireland was exploring the shopping district in Istanbul when he stopped to buy a bottle of water.  The cooler appears to have been so  over stocked that when he pulled the door open most of the contents crashed out.

Getting You're Irish Up

That’s when the merchant decided to attack his potential customer and all hell broke loose when other Turks joined in.

Only they picked the wrong guy to attack.


The link to the story on the Russian boxer defending his girlfriend is entertaining as well.

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  1. How is it that certain groups of people get their hackles raised by the stupidest of things? I mean, seriously, angry enough to start **beating** someone? It’s like some cultures’ population are all two years old.

    I don’t know much about Turkey, but there are others who are exactly like this and I wonder why all the grown ups left them home alone.

  2. What, no poo flinging? Haven’t I seen that behavior in a few hundred zoo primate videos? Oh, and Ferguson protests?

    Some countries REALLY NEED guns and concealed carry.. Those crazed zoo animals would behave a bit better then.

  3. Red on Red. And he jerked open the cooler. The whole thing tilted.

    The mysterious pugilist has been named as Kuwaiti-born Irish citizen Mohammed Fadel Dobbous by the Hurryiet Daily News.

  4. Dad was stationed all over the middle east during WW2. Had a box full of campaign medals, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Saudi Arabia.
    He was a career service man, we lived all over Europe after the war and a lot of the US, never heard him utter a disparaging word about any other culture or people but he had no respect for Muslims.
    “Filthy, untrustworthy, barbarians who treated women worse than their camels.” Those words seem even more poignant today.

  5. Well now, that answers the question:
    What kind of Irishman would holiday in Turkey?
    The mudslide kind.

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