1. Barr is a breath of fresh air compared to the “shoot all legal dictates through the prism of racial disparity” toady Eric Holder.

  2. Lynch Holder and Obama.

    Was that a statement or a list of cozy relationships?
    (Reggie unavailable for the photo.

  3. Also, Barr didn’t wiretap Martin Luther King, Jr.

    I prefer him being close to Trump that slapping high fives, moonwalking and engaging in complicated daps and handshakes with Louis Farrakhan or Ku Klux Klan With A Tan types as is Eric Holder’s bailiwick.

  4. If you could tap feral liberal outrage and extract energy, I would have a vast farm where liberals are fed caffeine and sugar laden drinks and they are fed a disappointing diet of kale, and more kale, then blasted all day with images and video of Mr. Trump making fun of their world view.
    Then I would use that shit to power a giant rocket to send them all out to the edges of the galaxy.

  5. msNBC Brian Williams just called AG Barr Baghdad Barr.
    Hey Brian Williams are you proud? Your evilness is showing.

    Éclaires for you too Cesare Frank Figliuzzi.
    Frank Figliuzzi is the former Assistant Director for Counterintelligence at the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Figliuzzi was previously the Special Agent in Charge of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Cleveland Division which includes all of northern Ohio, and the major cities of Cleveland, Toledo, Youngstown, Akron, and Canton.

    He is also a frequent guest on every msNBC show going back to before the election. He was conveniently on screen with commentary immediatly after many leaks that occured during that Time period. Many of those times were with Adam Schiff.

    Check the Tapes.

  6. MSNBC had some talking butt head who compared Trump to Erdogen from Turkey, Kim Jung Un from North Korea and all the other despot tyrants in the world…..They really do have no shame….

  7. Lazlo, as an engineer, I feel compelled to comment on your idea. Each Liberal could be on large, hamster wheel-like generating station with a feeding tube in their mouths, and a methane/hydrogen collector tube up their ass. If you put the farm in a frigid climate, you could also run a thermionic heat pump on their body heat. Electricity, gases for heat or electrical generation and thermionics! Why, the thing could be net energy producer. Brilliant! (That crappy kale is the key, though – you’d have to have a reliable source.)

  8. Trump lost two years with Sessions and there is a year left to start throwing these traitors into the slammer. I hope to hell several secret grand juries are empaneled now and will shortly release indictments. If that happens Barr needs to push those trials along and not allow any delaying tactics by the defense. Give the a fair and speedy trial.

  9. From scr-north: ” I hope to hell several secret grand juries are empaneled now and will shortly release indictments. ”

    Haven’t you heard about the tens of thousands of sealed indictments just sitting around for over a year now?
    I’ve been hearing about those things here for quite a while.

  10. Why not, Burner? 40% of the population needs to do something besides consume my resources! Their brains don’t work so maybe we can harness their bodies, quasi-Matrix style. A reasonably in-shape person can produce about 1 kW-Hr of energy during a workday (plus low-grade body heat). 100 million shit-for-brains on the Lazlo Kale Treadmill (w/Jimmy modifications) = multiple nuclear power plants!

  11. Here’s the effective reality.

    If you fail to think – Look at the fookin sob – every time you think of or see PDJT. You’re being “a little too cozy with him” in the view of the never-Trumpers, and other people fully immersed in TDS. Prime examples; Pelosi, Schiff, Shumer – the Typhoid Marys of the TDS disease.

    I’m already getting emails promoting the Mueller Report book – with the pitch line – “The most important investigation since Watergate”. Ah,no. I call Bernie Sanders or BS on that description. Probably written by a TDS sufferer.


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