The Bernie Sanders Tax Hike


NRO: […] But if he’s counting on a surge of income tax receipts from high earners, and if high earners respond by earning lower incomes, well, he’ll simply have to raise taxes on middle-income households by quite a bit more than he’s promised so far. Taxes on middle-income households are relatively low in the U.S. when compared to other countries, perhaps Democratic voters welcome the prospect of trading some amount of their hard-earned disposable income for guaranteed access to a government-run health system. I’m skeptical.


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  1. If you liked Kruschev you will love Sanders! Bern plans to take it all from everybody no exceptions!

  2. It would be good if presidential candidates had a grasp of basic economic principles, but I’d settle for the ability to do simple arithmetic. Come to think of it, that applies to voters, too.

  3. Don’t worry about Bernie. Hillary can lose for weeks and she’ll still be killing him in the delegate count. You millennial, “best educated ever” lofos are in for a rude shock.

  4. Love that picture. Says it all. Have I seen this before, and missed it? Looks like the poor “poster man” is trying to get UNstuck.

  5. I finally figured out Common Core Mathematics, we all laugh at 3 x 4 = 11, but it’s really ingenious what they’ve done in recent years.

    When you look at $19,000,000,000,000.00 + in debt and realize it’s mathematically impossible to stop taking on more debt because the existing debt cannot be repaid, you need a solution.

    Common Core is the solution, simply explain the debt away. Doing so allows you to take on more debt and since giving free shit away makes people happy. It becomes easier and easier to explain the debt away because the added variables of government mandated happiness and free shit give you more to talk about.

  6. HRC is no less a socialist than BS. Neither are CHEB!, Kasich, Krispie, Ryan, McConnell and a host of others.

    We don’t have a $20Trillion debt because of BS’s bullshit: we have it because NONE of our nomenklatura understand. BS and HRC are symptoms (not causes) of the socialist disease afflicting America, and the World.

    They are dangerous because they would accelerate the descent into chaos, instead of attempting to retard that descent.

  7. Don’t you worry, Uncle Al. Common Core Math will be there to solve that little problem quicker than you can say, “Two plus two equals 3.9997 (give or take a fraction)”.


  8. Although there is evidence that Bernie doesn’t understand how the world works, nor economics, nor math, nor the government, the REAL problem with politicians is this:

    The decisions they make and the changes to the world as a result don’t impact them.

    They are often times exempt from the rules they enact and enforce.

    Obamacare, insider trading, taxes, etc. They could very well enact massive tax hikes and exempt themselves from the pain by just getting more money or making themselves somehow exempt or sheltering their money or some other trick not available to the general population.

    Thus, Bernie can promise the world to the unwashed hippies who fawn over him, but if he somehow succeeds in enacting them his typically ignorant academic ideology will largely not effect him at all, thus remaining woefully intact.

  9. All Bernie needs to do is give shit away for free and then tax said free shit. He can make money out of thin air and we’ll pay down the debt and lift everyone out of poverty within a year.

  10. “I’m skeptical.”

    Wise decision. The dirty little secret of the Swedish nirvana the Bern wants is that income taxes in Sweden are essentially a regressive flat tax. The poor pay the same percent of their income that the rich do. Guess he forgot to mention that.

  11. Ahh…C’MON, Uncle Al!
    We can EASILY pay it ALL back with
    □ □ □ □ □ □

  12. I think Smith&Wesson conjured up the .500 magnum not for big game but to insure that socialist politicians die quickly with the one shot.

  13. It’s not necessarily the disposable income that will disappear, although that will certain happen under Sander’s plans, it is the things that will disappear. Money is just a means to an end – instead of trading a chicken for canned peaches, you sell the chicken for money and then use that money for canned peaches. I would suggest reading Douglas Adams’ (Restaurant At The End Of The Universe) story about the Golganfinchans, who crash land on Earth and decide to use leaves as money. Everyone is rich, but it takes two forests worth of leaves to buy a bag of peanuts.

    Sanders’ plan will decrease the amount of capital necessary to produce goods, and combined with less disposal income to purchase those goods, they will begin to disappear. We have already seen this happen in Venezuela, where even basic necessities disappeared at an alarming rate.

  14. Socialists don’t believe money is necessary.

    Witness: National Socialist Germany – simply refuse to pay the debt, limit all dividends to 6%, “comb out” the self-employed, eliminate the “inefficient” businesses, commodities developed on the basis of gov’t dictate not free market principles (everyone, except high-echelon gov’t employees starving within 5 yrs).
    Soviet Union – must kill 30+ million to institute “collective” farming, must kill the peasants to confiscate what little they have, “corporations” headed by the politically connected not the most knowledgeable, everyone in the Armed Forces the same rank (didn’t withstand the first shock of battle), free (non-existent) health care, abortion on demand (by the gov’t not the mother).
    China – same.

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