The Cartoonish Hypocrisy of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund

Bosch Fawstin wrote an article about how he was snubbed by the CBLDF when they published a magazine highlighting “Cartoonists Under Fire.”

Name a cartoonist in America today who has put more skin in the game than Bosch. He was literally “under fire” in Garland, Texas when two jihadists trekked hundreds of miles with the sole mission of killing him, Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller and as many others in attendance as possible.


A founding board member of the CBLDF, Mitchell Berger, took it upon himself to comment on Fawstin’s post and made some mighty big leaps in order to explain why Fawstin shouldn’t be “heralded as a first amendment hero.” Namely, his association with Pamela Geller.

Berger explains that AFDI once called for the monitoring of all mosques in the United States to watch for materials that advocate jihad. He contends that this is a violation of the first amendment, which conflicts with the mission in Garland.

Mitchell Berger’s position, I can only assume, is that it’s an imam’s right to plot terror in the safety of his mosque, a strange position. Perhaps we should monitor Mitchell Berger.

Pamela Geller wrote a rebuttal piece here. (I was humbled to see that she used some of my writing in her post.)

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