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The Christmas Carol Season Has Officially Begun

(This is actually a Thanksgiving song… but….)

ht/ roger failor

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  1. I’m not that old but I have a lawn and I want all these new-age woke hipsters to get off it.

  2. I like a lot of things Pentonix has done, but not this.

  3. These children should be heard and not seen.

  4. Did you watch the starting ad for ABBA? They’re B A A A A C K!

    Yeah, let’s boogie to Disco this Christmas! 🤢🤮🥺🤓👽😵😬😱😖🤮

  5. Interesting that an a cappella group teamed up with a dab stepping violinist, Lindsey Sterling.

    I go in for more slow jazz or classical treatment of seasonal music, but this has nice energy and originality.

  6. This isn’t the first time the two acts teamed up – They also did a rendition of Radioactive.

    I agree, this is not standard PTX fare

  7. Jingle bells,
    Christmas hell,
    Santa’s got a gun,

    Rabid reindeer, buggered elves, and Mrs. Clause blows buums,

    Jingle bells,
    Christmas hell,
    Santa’s got a knife,

    Rabid reindeer, buggered elves,
    And might just take your life,

    Dashing thru the soot,
    In a surplus Sherman tank,
    Wasting all he sees,
    Christmas spirit gone rank,

    Causing death and pain,
    And really raising Cain,
    Oh my God, I think that fat old bastards gone insane!

    (Sorry, I worked retail for 20 odd years. Overexposure to Christmas carols does that to ya…)

  8. I think Iotw cat video ate pentatonix.
    Thanks cat video. Fucking cat video.

  9. Over the river and through the woods is not supposed to be manic screeching. It’s nearly a lullaby in the real world. That was horrible.

  10. @ Rich Taylor
    Kathy Shaidle a well known pundit and all around based girl who recently passed away has on her grave marker-GET OFF MY LAWN.
    She was never one to screw around with

  11. Alexb: Following on from your post, Kathy was also a great film critic (Mark Steyn’s favourite) and a Canadian. She had a great blog called Five Feet of Glory and wrote for many publications including Taki’s.

  12. @SNS ~ back in the ‘Nam it used to go ….

    ‘Jingle Bell
    Mortar Shells
    Bullets fly awfully fast
    Take your Merry Christmas
    & stick it up your ass …. ‘

    … such a cheerful lot, back in the day …

  13. The first time I ever heard of IOTW was from an article / blog post by Kathy Shaidle and I’ve been reading ever since, Sorry to hear that she has passed.

  14. We were trying to remember the name of this group the other day. Heard them on a lical radio station that goes all Christmas music the day after Thanksgiving.
    This sounds like a drinking song.

  15. Not one of my favorite songs by them but Lindsey Stirling on fiddle is always a treat.

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