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The Collateral Benefit Trump Pillow Biters Never Expected

We heard it all during the campaign, “Trump is going to set the conservative party back (Fill In The Amount) years!”

At the time, all the sane people could do was ask, “if Trump isn’t a conservative how is he going to set back conservatives?”

I’ve still never received a lucid answer to that question.

It matters little if Trump is a conservative or not, the benefit to conservatives going forward is more than anyone had anticipated.

The amount of derangement Trump is inducing in the left will guarantee left-wing defeats for the next 2 decades. (It’s up to conservatives to elbow their way into power, getting past Trumpism/populism. The skids are greased thanks to Trump.)

Look at this video. Does anyone not think this damages the left?

ht/ mel via weasel zippers.

Does anyone think when a college recalls its yearbook because a student used Trump for their quotable quote the public doesn’t think the left is too ridiculous to be in charge?

Does anyone not think that when the left, after demanding Comey be fired for over a year, goes berserk when Trump fires him that they look insane to the average Joe?

They simultaneously believe that Comey helped Trump beat Hillary while livid that he was fired because he is investigating the guy he just helped win.

Does this not make them look absolutely unelectable?

It sure does.

Thank you Donald J. Trump.


19 Comments on The Collateral Benefit Trump Pillow Biters Never Expected

  1. This is exactly why I keep my Trump yard flag in my car now. I can’t wait to find a libtard experiencing TDS so I can wave it in front of them and push them over the edge…

  2. She’s a freak for sure , and wer’e winning. I do wonder why the old guy was going on about Marijuana. She hates Tump & that’s it.
    I don’t know how much extra Time he’s got, because She’s clearly messing with him. A friend needs to clue him in !

  3. The police should have been called. “Emergency, hurry”, …woman being assaulted”. And this woman should be named in the video so that prospective employers can get a glimpse of their applicant.

  4. “Trump is going to set the conservative party back”

    ERICK ERICKSON, the Sweaty Thumb (personally I really never got that) has crashed and burned at Red State. So he jumped right back into business at “The Resurgent”. Ironic name. Preaching the same Bull Shit. I personally think his Biz plan is flawed.

  5. I don’t know. The young lady makes a well-reasoned and rational case that, although she respected and accepts the outcome of our legitimate electoral process, she believes her candidate would have been a better choice to lead our nation. /sarc

    I wonder if the Bible quote on the banner triggered the truly demonic spectacle.

  6. The dems are in such a snit because of the Supreme Court.
    They thought they were gonna get 3 to turn it under bammy, but they only got 2…..blart the mall cop and the wise latina.
    I don’t even wanna think of what woulda happened under hitlery.
    If Trump gets at least 1 more they are toast for years and they know it.
    These bat-guano crazy kids are the result of quick draw adderol docs, soros and antisocial media.
    They are loud but few……stalin’s 10% solution. Maybe we should reopen the mental floss institutions and shove em in where they belong.

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