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The Contemplable Kim Gardner

St. Louis Post Dispatch

St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner just isn’t getting the message that it is time for her to go. The Missouri Legislature wants a special prosecutor to take over her biggest cases. The state attorney general wants to replace her altogether. Mayor Tishaura Jones has clearly lost confidence in her. A prosecutor just publicly bailed on her. And now a judge wants to hold her in criminal contempt for, once again, failing to send a prosecutor for the start of a high-profile murder trial. What part of this picture is Gardner failing to see? More

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  1. She sees all of it, she just doesn’t care. She is a tick burrowed deep in the marxist network that is STL.

    States like MO can be red to the bone, but the blue poison owns the urban areas. This vile satanic creature is doing exactly what her global masters dictate.

    The more chaos and backlash the better. She is protected by Soros, Rice, and Jarrett abd the 98% Demonrat machine that is STL.

    She has not a care in the world.


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