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The Dhimmi Zone

With the media whitewashing stories of Muslim violence, and political leaders downplaying the clash of multiculturalism and unwillingness to acknowledge the disaster of their mass importation experiment, I sometimes think we are living in the Dhimmi Zone.

The only Islamophobia I see is the one progressives display for fear of “riling up” the savagery.

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  1. This mass migration is intended to destroy any cultural identity in the sovereign nations. Look at Europe, it’s ruined. UK, Spain, France, they are in trouble. Sweden.

    The last stalwart was Germany. Germany with it’s rich bavarian culture, characteristic genetics, language, and so on. It’s on the path to ruin.

    The eagerness of the “refugees” for quiet Jihad is the grease to the wheels, they think it’s their idea.

    It’s a far greater agenda at work, there is a desire to destroy all cultures of sovereign nations, the USA included. The tool to do it is mass uncontrolled migration with a healthy dose of silent Jihad just for good measure.

    If there is no nationalistic identity left, if the indigenous populations are broken and defeated and diluted with diseased welfare rats and bloodthirsty rapists who can’t work a flush toilet, then what?

    Ripe for conquest. Amalgamation. Globalization.

    This isn’t politics, it’s survival.

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