The Frustration Of Debating a Little Red Turd

Here’s a nice little (repurposed) clip of what it’s like debating a leftist.

In this clip a little red turd won’t accept that Venezuela is an example of a recently failed socialist state.

I feel this guy’s pain. This reminds me of when Hippie Critic and I marauded the message boards of IMDB. (We were what leftists, today, would consider criminal.)

When we ran up against this type of obstinate prick, we would make them our pet project. Little Red Turd wouldn’t leave us simply mashing our own faces in frustration. Little Red Turd would end up deleting their accounts.


14 Comments on The Frustration Of Debating a Little Red Turd

  1. It’s funny how socialism always requires capitalism to prop it up, but when a glorious socialist paradise craters, it’s always because it was fatally poisoned by the tumor of capitalism.

  2. For the most part I’m done exchanging ideas with libs. It’s not worth the effort. Even when think you are delivering a well reasoned, well thought out message, and it seems your message is being received, you are only fooling yourself. Once these Wesley Mooches are indoctrinated with liberalism I think it is a permanent disability. We need to teach the young, before they have been poisoned.

  3. Good Lord,
    Please lord God, help the mentally unequipped to get over their Marxist and Mohammedan proclivities. Can you help your Christian, Jewish, capitalist and freedom loving people defeat the international Marxist-Islamic Jihad being waged upon us? This is the work of the devil and we need your help with a new defensive crusade of massive proportion.
    Through Jesus,

  4. OT…same topic.

    Andrea Mitchell msNBC at stage 3, Seperation from Gravitational Reality.
    Just called last nights Paris terrorist killer a “Home Alone common criminal”.
    She asked “What terror attack?” when bringing up President Trumps tweet about the incident.
    She downplayed Le Pen and their election.

    She, NBC, the gaurdian, the atlantic and the whole steaming swamp water lot of them know this is it.
    Their Global’ism has passed the fracture point.
    Meteors ahead.
    Getting danger crazy NBC
    Go Maxine.

  5. @joe6pak – yep, if I am arguing on Facebook or wherever (which is far less these days) it’s generally more for those who may read without commenting than with any expectation that I will convert the person I am debating.

  6. LCD, last week I was talking with one of my brothers (a known lefty) and I was fooled into believing that he was getting fed up enough with liberal policies that he was considering supporting more conservative thinking. He is in Minnesota and immigration and muslim issues seemed to hit home for him. Talked to him a couple days later and he is just too conflicted with how to justify the actions that are needed to keep us safe. He thinks there are so many grey areas, it’s not as simple as black and white.

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