The Ghost of Ghandi Pushed Hillary on Those Stairs

Ghandi didn’t like her racist crack about “owning a gas station in St. Louis.”

By the way, this AT writer has a good memory and a nice subtle biting way with words – a deadly combo for a lefty in her crosshairs.

Jeannie DeAngelis for American Thinker-

Fourteen months into her “What Happened” tour, Hillary, with Huma in tow, decided to fly a private jet to India.  Part tourist, part guest speaker, while visiting Jahaz Mahal in Dhar’s Mandu, Hillary slipped and fell down a flight of stairs – twice.

Thinking back on one of her more ignorant comments, the only explanation for such an awkward misstep is that the ghost of activist Mahatma Gandhi, the guy she once joked ran a gas station in St. Louis, Missouri, shoved her from behind.

Hillary’s attire for her acrobatic spill was a jaunty straw hat, strappy Birkenstocks, a kurti, and capris that resembled enormous white sails.  Even stranger than her getup were Hillary’s male escorts, especially since a few days prior, she had accused white females of leaning on men to tell them how to vote.

During the Q&AIndia Today editor and host Aroon Purie asked Clinton a question about how 52 percent of white women could vote for Trump, especially after Access Hollywood released a tape in the final weeks of the campaign featuring Trump indulging in boy talk with Billy Bush.

Maybe a more thought-provoking question would have been for Mr. Purie to ask Hillary how she managed to get the other 48% of the white female vote after staying married for 43 years to a philandering husband credibly accused of rape, sexual abuse, and other tawdry acts of sexual impropriety.

Nevertheless, groping around for anyone other than herself to blame, Hillary pinned her loss on things like “the map, economics, lack of optimism, lack of  diversity and backwardness.”  Mrs. Clinton even threw in “whites not wanting to see blacks getting rights, men not wanting to see women getting jobs, and xenophobes not wanting to see Indian-Americans succeed.”

Hillary blamed white women who she said didn’t vote for her because white women are pushed around by white men who support Trump.

The woman who would lean on two men to make her way down 15 steps went on to say that white women face an “ongoing pressure to vote the way that [their] husband[s], [their] boss[es], [their]  son[s], whoever, believe[ they] should.”


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20 Comments on The Ghost of Ghandi Pushed Hillary on Those Stairs

  1. Didnt she steal FDR’s wheelchair along with all the china, silverware and paintings when she and Bill fled the White House?

  2. President Trump appointed a brown skinned UN ambassador, just appointed a female CIA director, and a lot of women advanced under his administration, binders full of women. Black unemployment is at historical lows, people are looking forward to the future once more.
    Wouldn’t it be nice if there was some kind of organ that would call bullshit on this gassy old harridan?
    You would think journalists would be tired of being the butt of jokes.
    Hey Sleepy Todd, you may not hear us, trust me, we are laughing at you.

  3. and she wanted to be the MFIC, the big cheese, el presidente? she should learn to walk first. she’s an embarrassment to all women who know how to walk un accompanied between 2 clowns in accompaniment. my mother is dead and she can still walk on her own.

  4. Hillary is like a recurring Herpes based STD. Just when you think it’s under control, WHAM, it raises its ugly head. (I may be wrong, because I’ve not experienced genital herpes, but from what I’ve read, it describes HRC completely.).

  5. It looked like her feet weren’t working correctly. Her ankles buckled before her knees did. Maybe Ghandi the Ghost took a kick at her heels rather than shoving her.

  6. I need to make some T-shirts with clitler’s face and the slogan

    “Fat, Drunk, and Stupid is a great way to go through Life”


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