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  1. 1. very poignant … heartfelt … she’s seen a lot of pain in her relationships … it shows in the song
    2. not too bad for a group named after a recipe … delicious
    2a. You cheatin’ bastard! … lmao … you rule the ‘sphere’ … do whatever, I’m ok w/ it … nice selection … luv the image of Janis … she melts me every time
    3. nice rockin’ tune … reminds me of early ‘Gin Blossoms’ before they kicked Doug Hopkins to death

  2. LCD-

    Are you asking because the view counts are so low? Just got lucky. These uploads seem to be very good, but no one is finding them.

    If you mean, how did I find the artists?
    Aimee Mann I’ve liked since she started working with Jon Brion and contributing to Wes Anderson
    soundtracks. I like the spare arrangements and the precision of choice of sound-

    Babel I like because you can’t pin them down as any specific “genre.” They might do anything.
    The singer sounds a bit like Marc Bolan, a little Jack White, a little Donovan.

    Bettie Serveert I found on the Carpenters tribute album back in the early 90s.


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