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The Great Lakes Are Making The Climate Change Freaks ANGRY


YidWithLid– Maybe this is why Al Gore is considering a presidential run, according to the climate change theorists the water levels of the great lakes are supposed to be going down, but they are going up much to the chagrin of the global warming freaks
“Faster than ever before.” That’s how one headline from the Weather Channel described current changes in Great Lakes water levels (see video below). But the article itself acknowledged that Lakes Huron and Michigan, which come together in the Straits of Mackinac and so are considered one lake by hydrologists, actually rose faster 65 years ago. So why did the headline writer call the current rise “faster than ever before?”  more

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  1. I live on the shores of Lake Erie, I’m the reason the water is high. I’ve been running my garden hose non stop into the lake. I was using a half inch hose.
    But I recently changed to three quarter.
    Your welcome

  2. I spent last winter working in Ontario, just off of Lake Superior. Record snowfall and record cold. I would have given anything for some of that global warming.

    Did you know -45F was a real thing where people actually live? Miserable place.

  3. Damn lakes! Why can’t they just cooperate with our eco-fascist overlords’ climate narrative??

  4. I grew up 150′ from lake Erie. Spent a great part of every spring and summer either swimming in it, or fishing it. I mean every freaking day. Ever seen an “L” stone from a sheep-head’s (fresh water drum) head? Had a tackle box full of them 30+ years ago.
    In the early 80’s, the water level was lowering every year. I believe it started in the late 70’s, but hey i was a small child in those days. The level started coming back up around the mid 80’s. By the late 80’s, early 90’s the level had come up quite a bit. Just ask all the guys who had to remove and or low the windshields on their boat to get out of places like copper kettle marina. Also, i can dig through old photo’s to show the level along all the piers over the years. Or, show where the water was to shallow to use our hand held drag net until the late 80’s when the water was much deeper.
    The water level has fluctuated for years. Mrs. Kelly, who lived on the lake, and allowed us to swim/fish/be boys over there showed us old black and white photo’s from when they had bought the house years prior (i think she was in her 90’s). At one time there was about 200 yards of beach behind her house, and even a small road on it. In 1988 there was 12′ of beach and when would dive in 10-12 feet of water and look at the old 3′ tall break wall that we tracked for over 1/2 mile.

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