The Left Looks to a 50s TV Show As a “Sign”

The show is called Trackdown.

One particular episode is about a guy named Trump who tries to convince a town to build a wall to stop them from succumbing to the fires that are about to end the world.

The left sees this as a sign that Trump was preordained a con man by a show written 60 years ago.

But the show is about paranoia and gullibility and believing in untruths – so it’s more of an allegory about the left than the right.

The character happens to be a guy named Trump selling a wall, rather than a guy named, oh, I dunno, Al Gore, bilking the citizens with excessive taxes because the end is near. The fictional Trump is the left, preying upon paranoids who buy their manmade global warming crapola. The real Trump is addressing a very real problem, not some nebulous intangible.

I will say, though that the one aspect of the show that doesn’t follow the left’s playbook is that the protagonist predicts that the end of the world will be “at midnight.”

The left would never do that. They predict gloom and doom will come well after they are dead, having bilked the world out of money, never to be held accountable. So they never have to hightail it out of town.

Here’s the show—

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  1. Have Gun will travel reads the card of a man. A knife without armor in a savage land.

    Name on the card is Donald J Trump bitches.

    Hey Boy

  2. I’m a huge HUGE fan of the late 50’s early 60’s westerns. I record them when I can find them. Drives the wife nuts. But I’m becoming somewhat of an authority. Fastest Draw category, Robert Fuller. The guy was bad ass. You can’t fake a draw back then. Dang he was fast. Second fastest, never had his own serious but guest stared a bunch, Sammy Davis Jr. A talent out of the holster. Never mind his twirling shit, this guy was quick. Third place, Michael Landon. A great athlete, and damn good at pulling a SSA. Honestly not much of a difference between the three. Fuller is still alive. Owns a big ass horse ranch someplace.

  3. Sometimes I forget how lame most of the plots on the old 50’s TV shows were. Not to mention the acting.

    Still, happy times.

  4. Like Vietvet stated, lame plots but still good shows. Nothing complicated, good guys/bad guys- bad guys always loses in the end. I particularly like the Cisco Kid.

  5. When I was a kid Robert Fuller was my hero on Laramie. Tough guy that didn’t take crap, was honest, fair and good with the ladies. I think he started as a stuntman. Someone to look up to as a mentor. What do kids look up to now; queers and perverts.


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