The Left Reacts Predictably To Body Cam Footage Of Adam Toledo Shooting By Chicago Cop

Fox News

Chicago‘s police review board on Thursday released videos, 911 calls and other materials related to the officer-involved fatal shooting of 13-year-old Adam Toledo while responding to a report of shots fired in late March.

Extremely graphic police body camera footage shows a Chicago police officer pulling up to the location in the city’s West Side on March 29 and immediately encountering two people, one of whom appears to be Toledo, running away from the area.

The officer shoves the other person to the ground and chases after another person, later identified as Toledo, who is seen running away from the crime scene wearing a baseball cap, a dark-colored hoodie and jeans. More

Tie doesn’t go to the runner when it’s an armed suspect fleeing the scene with a weapon. – Dr. Tar

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  1. @Dr. Tar:

    Tie doesn’t go to the runner when it’s an armed suspect fleeing the scene with a weapon.

    What’s the best way to decide such a tie? Shootout or sudden death? Or keep with the current tried and true, the ol’ Tie-Breaker 9?

  2. The family no lounger has ANY incentive to discourage any of this behavior and every incentive. These criminals are Million DollarBabies. Fan their fire and encourage them to keep it up until the inevitable happens and they are shot dead or die from drug overdose while resisting arrest and Che Ching it’s like hitting the lottery for… in a case lately it was $27 Big.

  3. @JD: families used to have a lot of kids to help with the farming. Now they have a lot of kids because it increases the odds one will get shot for a big payout.

  4. Permission granted to take charge of your miserable fucking lives. Leave me out of it.

    If you have feral children packing heat in dark alleys at 0230 you’re the problem.

    We should execute the roving sperm donor and the cum dumpster as well.

    Sorry. I am in no mood. These people are not victims. They are coconspirators.

  5. It was only a matter of time before Lil’ Homicide was on the right side of a gun. Too bad it was a policeman that fired the shot.

  6. The Dirty Dems and their propaganda agents help perpetuate this crap. Making excuses. Blaming victims and law enforcement for bad behavior.
    I don’t leave the house unarmed unless I’m flying.

  7. Please don’t stop cleaning Chicago up…
    even if it’s one terrible person at a time!

    The world is a better place without Adam Toledo
    You know it. I know it.

  8. It’s a win-win for society. The kid won’t be out murdering anyone, the kid won’t be reproducing, the taxpayer won’t be housing him with 3 hots and a cot. If he ever got out of prison, he would have years of crime education in the prison system and would end up murdered or being murdered. This was the best way out for him.

  9. …a thirteen year old with a gun can kill you just as dead as a 33 year old.

    …but this whole story must be false, because there’s no WAY he could have had a gun because they are ILLEGAL there, and all those OTHER shooting deaths must be a product of your imagination too…/s

  10. I refuse to add anything significant to this worthless story.

    However, I’m always puzzled by how police say stuff like “HANG IN THERE BIG GUY.” And “STAY WITH ME.” After shooting someone in the chest.

    Unless they were being sarcastic. In which case….that’s fuggin’ hilarious.

  11. Lil Homicicide could have been able to take out maybe six gangsters over the next six years until he gets capped by another thug.
    But the cop took him out before Lil Homicide achieved these goals.
    Mathematically, the cop made Chicago less safe.

  12. My Give-A-Damn ran out.

    Another feral rat shot by a cop *yawn* and the world’s sposed to get upset?
    Obola got a Nobel?
    Biden got “elected?”

    Sorry – I’m living in a Kafka story.

    izlamo delenda est …

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