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The left says “Eat the Rich”

so, she did…

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  1. I’m the only person here who remembers THIS one…

    “Some say life she’s a lady
    Kinda soft, kinda shady
    I can tell you life is rich
    She’s no lady, she’s a bitch

    They suck my body out

    But friend there is no doubt

    I’m gonna pay the devil his dues
    Cause I’m sick of being abused

    Eat the rich, eat the rich
    Don’t you know life is a bitch

    Eat the rich, eat the rich
    Out of the palace and into the ditch”
    -Krokus, “Eat The Rich”

  2. And now she’s a Type II Diabetic, has metabolic disease, an enlarged liver, high blood pressure, irritable bowel syndrome, and, she stinks.

    Did I mention she stinks?

    Actually, she stunk before she ate the rich which is why so many Republicans wanted to have sex with her. Because they stink, too.


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