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The Left’s Quick Fix

Since the election we’ve been witnessing the intellectual collapse of the left as they try to respond to the outcome without recriminating themselves.  Eventually they will get around to reevaluating where their messaging went wrong (not their ideology) and contrive a new formula for fooling enough people into voting D again.

There will be shifts in their stance and a re-branding to try to capture the politically powerful heroic outsider persona.  In the coming weeks and months they’ll try to brand Trump as pro-war, repressive of rights, hater of equality and being a self-serving internationalist.  They’ll dump their “deplorable” rhetoric and declare themselves the only true champion of the common man.

They’ll call themselves the Alt-Left.  It will be a temporary deception to become politically relevant again.  You’ll know that they’re done licking their wounds and are ready to bare their teeth when their messaging sharpens up.



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  1. Let’s never forget is that the Hillary beast mailed it in, preferring the company of donors and sycophants to mingling with the maggotry. Trump did retail politics.

    Hillary took her base for granted but trump took her base.

    A real schmoozer on their side could flip this outcome in one election cycle. I don’t see one on the horizon but we must remain ever vigilant.

  2. They fancy themselves to be masters of prevarication. Anyone with an ounce of critical thought can see them for what they are.

  3. @Left Coast Dan December 31, 2016 at 7:44 pm

    > It won’t matter. What matters is that voter fraud will take a yuge hit, and the Ds will never recover.

    If the candle lets you sleep better, then bless your heart.

  4. I’m not sure if it’s a common trait due to some mental deficiency or what, but if my most lefty friend is completely proven wrong on something, the next time you see him he re-mixes his thoughts with what you proved in a new way so he seems right (to him, at least.).

    It used to be frustrating that even a complete devastation of what he said wouldn’t land squarely for him, but ever since I decided to only dress down whatever he says when I have an audience, it’s been entertaining.

    An audience gives feedback to his idiocy while a private dressing down “never happened”. It’s not just Do4 refuting and laughing at him then.

    Worst news ever for a child that’s due next May: He is going to be a first time father to a son. He went on and on about how he was going to shape him into some uber SJW.

    Every single person that knows him dropped their jaw and pitied the poor child that’s coming.

    He’s 62 and a crazy can’t-get-more-lefty-than-him. Hates rich people. Retired after his multi-millionaire Dad died and he inherited his share of the dividends from investments. He never made enough to keep his utilities on over the years, much less to retire on. And he hates the rich. Yeah, he’s a Dumbass.

    In other words, a poster child for the left.

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