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Bambi Designer Dies – He Was 106!

Tyrus Wong, Pioneer ‘Bambi’ Artist, Dies at 106.



“With heavy hearts, we announce the passing of Tyrus Wong,” the post read. “Tyrus died peacefully at his home surrounded by his loving daughters Kim, Kay and Tai-Ling. He was 106 years old.”

In 2001, Wong was named a Disney Legend, and in 2013 he had his artwork featured in the Walt Disney Family Museum. In October of this year Wong received two honors at the Asian World Film Festival. He was awarded with a lifetime achievement award on the opening day with the following day (his 106th birthday) being the screening of the documentary about him titled “Tyrus” directed by Pam Tom.

Nelson Coates, the president of the Art Directors Guild commented, “On behalf of the Art Directors Guild, I am very saddened to share news of the loss of our highly talented friend, Tyrus Wong. His work and life inspired so many of us with his passion, originality, and creativity. Deepest condolences are extended to his family and many friends at this time.”


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Confession: I’ve never seen Bambi.


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  1. I cried when Bambi’s mother was killed too.
    Years later, I laughed when Godzilla met Bambi and smooshed him.

    Mean me.

  2. Diogenes FTW! I love that bit! “Mark Newland Lives!” Disclaimer: I am of the generation that saw ‘Bambi’ at the movies (“The Strand,” Batavia NY).

  3. Being of somewhat limited means, I typically read the book since we could not afford the movie – Bambi is an amazing book by Felix Salten and not at all like the movie. A few samples:

    Bambi’s cousin: “Gobo lay with his bloody entrails oozing from his torn flank…”

    The fate of a poacher: “The bullet wound in his neck gaped like a small red mouth. Blood was oozing out slowly.”

  4. A friend of mine took his kid to see Bambi when it was rerun in the theaters back in the 80’s. When the mother was killed and the gun shot was heard the guy’s kid yelled out “Great Shot!”.

  5. When Walt first reviewed the Bambi images he wasn’t impressed. He said to the artist, “I like the general look but somethings wrong”.
    The young artist spoke up and said, “My name is Tyrus, not Sum Ting!”.
    Am I fired now?

  6. God rest his soul, he lived such a long time. Very talented artist though, a wonderful inspiration to many generations since. 🙂

  7. the average life-span for a deer is 5-10 years … they are such delicate, inquisitive & curious creatures … more killed by automobiles then hunters
    I blame Disney & Wong for my reluctance to hunt them (although their meat is delicious & less fatty than beef)
    … & they are just protein when the coming Zombie Apocalypse starts …

  8. Years ago, several times over the years, on late night tv they would broadcast the movie,”Dark Star”. John Carpenter’s first sci-fi comedy movie in 1974.

    Always after the movie was a short 1:30 Bambi movie. Probably the only one I ever watched. I only knew of Bambi’s reputation. But still. Talk about Trauma. .

    RIP Mr. Wong.

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