The Majority Of American Babies Are Now Minorities

This statistic seems almost impossible to fathom.

Guess what year it is projected that white people will be the minority in the United States.


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  1. Y’all be sure to save that culture stuff.
    Well, except for that marriage bullshit. Fuck that.

  2. Wow. That wasn’t supposed to happen for another ten years. Something must have changed to spike the number of minority babies being bone this year. Could it be an open door immigration policy with defacto amnesty?

  3. I guess I should try to do my part and impregnate as many minority women as I can to ensure the genes are spread about a bit more. It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it.

  4. This has been posted repeatedly.
    This is similar to the pressure that drove invasions from Northern and Eastern Europe over the last 15 centuries or so.
    But now the threat to our culture is more immediate due to recent immigration, an infection that is essentially a demographic time bomb.
    We have passed the tipping point.
    The West as we knew it is doomed.

    Oh well, we had a pretty good run…

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