The Media Opens Up A Second Front in War On DJT

Diogenes’ Middle Finger: Having put all their resources into the failed Russian Collusion Myth, the media had to quickly pivot to their rock-ribbed standby, the well rehearsed traditional racism charge they now push 24/7. But in between yelling RACISM they’re ramping up a second front, one democrats welcome the media help push – create fear in the stock market and consumers and hope it creates a self-fulfilling prophecy of downturn in the economy. 

Why wouldn’t they try and convince investors to fear a collapse in the market and therefore reduce the risk they would take in that market? We’ve heard them base their assessment in this most recent claim the economy is heading into a recession by looking at the inverted bond yield, which of course is a big scary economic word that could easily be used to plead toward the ignorance of voters, because for the most part nobody knows what the hell that means. What the average American hears is your job is in jeopardy, and we are all going to hell in a hand basket because TRUMP!

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  1. “What the average American hears is your job is in jeopardy”

    LOL, it’s not my job I’m concerned about……My greatest concern is the commies getting back in control of America, especially with such a weak-kneed, democratic-accommodating so-called Republican Congress.

  2. December was the same deal – unsupported claims that the economy was tanking – and then in January the numbers proved that the economy was still strong. Same will happen in October.

  3. They probably started that economy stuff too soon, if it isn’t in collapse by the elections next year it will work against them just like crying “wolf” worked against that stupid shepherd boy and ended up with him being ignored.

    But if it does go into collapse or serious recession, Trump will be in trouble.

  4. This is another “Collusion” between the MSM & the “Prog” elites where the MSM hammers Recession is Coming, then at their proper appointed time these elites dump stock to take a 10% loss on their net worth for about a year to try to destroy what President Trump has accomplished. Now if us “Deplorables” watch the markets & dig out any moldy mattress money we have socked away to purchase the stocks the “Progs” dumped before they realize what is happening & in turn drive those stocks to new highs, the “Progs” will then accuse President Trump of insider trading with his base to steal their stocks.

  5. Like name one single policy recommendation from any one of the Democrat idiots that is better fiscal policy the President Trump’s.
    There ain’t a single one across all 21 candidates that is better.
    Not one.

  6. I have a black neighbor. We are equal partners in a successful business. He is welcome in my home, and I am welcome in his home. We both give and receive favors when needed, we look out for each other’s families, and we frequently socialize together.

    We also watch sports together. He called Eli Manning a washed-up cracker, and I stated that for the kind of money Ezekiel Elliot is asking for, he should be mowing Jerry Jones’ lawn as well as running the football. Am I a racist for joking around?

    I am sick and tired of leftists looking for dog whistles, hidden agendas, and secret codes and bastardizing the language to justify their cries of “racism.” In my scenario above, is there anything racist, including the joke about Ezekiel Elliot? What has Donald Trump actually done to justify calling him a racist? Has the Democrat party, who promotes abortion among black women and keeps the black population in virtual chains through their handout programs, done anything to lead anyone to believe they are not racist? We need to look at actions and conduct, and if we do the leftists look both hypocritical and stupid.

    When the taking heads and grand poobahs of the MSM quit acting racist and purge their ranks of the misanthropes, misogynists, anglophobes and general man-haters and malcontents, maybe I’ll listen to them. Until then, they can perform difficult sex acts upon themselves.

  7. For the entire time I worked for the goobermint we heard ‘your jobs are in jeopardy’. Yeah right. It was one more way of beating employees down by some weirdo directors.
    This is along the lines of the media telling us Joe the Bidet is polling at double the President’s numbers.

    Drudge is pulling the lame stream medias weight for them lately. Not buying into any of the crap.

    The stench of desperation is strong.

  8. Make no mistake about it, the Media is at war with Donald Trump and America! They are the mouth behind the democRAT bullhorn! If we are going to win this we first and foremost need to understand who the enemy is. Two and half years of their lies and propaganda have deteriorated their ratings, but not enough and I’m not even sure that really matters when you consider the foreign money that is funding them. Advertising could be down to a dollar a minute, but they’d still be at it because they are bought and paid for tools. Oh… did I happen to mention we’re at war with China too?

  9. Given the only dem drawing any size crowd is Warren who is promising free everything plus reparations for LGBT, blacks and student loan forgiveness why would we even need jobs anymore.

  10. The New York Times are/is now concentrating on, not so much RUSSIAN Collusion, but on RECESSION under Trump, and RACISM under Trump. The Times aim is to destroy President Trump at any cost.
    Snopes says that is FALSE.

    The new three “R”s Russia,Recession, and Racism.
    Used to be Readin’ Ritin’ and Ritmatic. Gimmeafookinbreak!

  11. Funny, but whatever they do, they project themselves.

    Russians? See hillary clinton.

    Racism? See Uncle Tom Cummings and Obama. And hillary clinton. And farrakahn, tlaib, omar, etc. etc.

    Recession: see every democrat president every elected, in particular democrat House Boy barry.

  12. @Moe tom: The Russion ‘R’ is fading. The Racism ‘R’ is past its prime and will fade. That leave the Recession ‘R.’ The Left is hoping for a recession to beat Trump. But what they (and everyone) might get is a full-on, financial crisis ala 2008 – and/or war. We haven’t made it to 2020 yet.


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