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  2. If the next president hates the nuclear deal with Iran, he (or she) can undo it after taking office. Obama’s “deal” is only a political arrangement. It is not a treaty or other form of signed legal document.

  3. OBoy and FairyKerry must have passed over the “Death To America” clause in the contract.

  4. During the next 60 days, Congress will be bloviating about the agreement and could potentially block the deal from going ahead, RINO leaders Boehner and McConnell will be expected to cave-in to Obama just like always, because bright and early Tuesday morning, Obama began trying to convince skeptical members of Congress to back his so-called “historic agreement to curb Iran’s nuclear program.” Obama claimed he welcomed a robust debate over the terms of the deal, but warned lawmakers he would veto any attempt to block it from being implemented.

  5. Israel, isolated and alone, will be the lynchpin now for the whole world coming unglued. Watch what Putin and The NoKos do when the shit starts flying. They smell weakness and they are itching to see what they can get away with.

    As the father of a 19 and 20 year old, I spit on you, Obama and Kerry.

  6. I contend now as I did when Obama became president, that he hates Israel with his entire being and that hatred will lead to the downfall and destruction of this nation. Iran has categorically stated that the destruction of Israel was non-negotiable. Obama has willfully and purposefully aided and abetted our enemies. What he has done is beyond treason.

    Israel will no longer be dependent on America and will indeed act unilaterally to protect her borders and as a result face isolation from the world.

    Yup, it’s biblical. It’s prophetic. We’ve got some real rough times ahead of us, folks. Gird your loins.

  7. We have exposed Israel’s flank, but they ain’t goin’ down. Woe to whoever attacks the promised land.

  8. What’s really … uhhh … amazing … uhhh … is how freakin EASY it’s been to … uhhh … blow smoke up … uhhh … everyone’s ass … and … uhhh … have no … uhhh … opposition, to speak of.

    Roll over! Play dead! Hahahahahahahaha!

  9. Meanwhile Mr. Mxyzptlk, Iran’s centrifuges run day and night. I just hope that you are near the blast epicenter when Iran attacks with a nuclear weapon.

    You are a fool. You are hopelessly uninformed.

    The only response we should have to Iran is to stop now or we will obliterate you and your 7th century eschatology.

  10. Obambi Obama is taking a victory lap yelling Lookee, lookee I got a deal! Kind of reminds me of the dude who wanted to sell his car worth $10,000.00. His asking price was $8,000 but the buyer said no I will only give you $6,000. The seller said no, but I will sell it to you for $7,000. The buyer replied why don’t we split the difference and I will give you half of the $7,000. The seller readily agreed and later, as he waved his $3,500 check, yelled Lookee, lookee I got a deal!

  11. Between Iran and 0bama, Iran is the bigger threat to Israel. But 0bama may be the bigger enemy — he sides with all of Israel’s enemies. Hope that makes him a Mossad target.

  12. I am a former Marine and the father of 2 sons. 16 and 17. They will not join the military if I can prevent it. I will also drive them to Canada if needed.
    The only fight we will be involved in is the one to throw off this tyrannical government. Just as the Founding Fathers of this country told us to do when it becomes necessary.

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