The Price of Death


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  1. Thanks for the graphic. We have all been so desensitized that a picture does, indeed, paint a thousand words. And the evil monster who prevented an amendment from even coming to the floor so it could be voted on to stop this insanity and defund Planned Parenthood? Mitch McConnell is his name. Why are these scum allowed to breath let alone continue to keep their posts in government? Because we put them there. Wake. Up. America!

  2. Sold! As soon as I receive the pieces of those involved within “planned murderhood,” I will trot them out to our Dempsey Dumpster and ceremoniously slam the lid down. No…, second thought…. I take that back. I will toss them out back to the creek and give the coyotes and bobcats a good case of indigestion by feasting on these useless liberal members of inhumanity.

    About 4 weeks ago, my wife and I were invited to attend our 1st grandchild’s 3d ultrasound with our “kids.” The baby was playing with it’s feet/toes and blissfully safe, content, and at peace within, “Mom.”

    If anyone were to destroy that beautiful life, I would hunt down every mother’s child of them and send them to perdition. Not just words… as guaranteed as the most solemn oath to the Almighty.

  3. We need to see what is happening around us all day every day. my wife and I helped two young couples raise two baby girls who are now two beautiful young women. a lot of sacrifice yes, but who loving life can measure it;s value?

  4. Out of all the evil America embraces sacrificing babies has to be the thing that makes God cry the most.

    When I was younger I worked on a hotline called Hit Home for runaway kids. They would call in and the call would be routed to my home and I would help them get back home to their parents anyway I could. Short story of my favorite call at 2:00 A.M. a 15 year old girl ran away from home because she had gotten pregnant, was afraid to tell her parents and was going to get an abortion. I read her a few Bible verses, prayed with her and ask her to please talk to her mom first and the next night she called the hotline back and only by a miracle got me again and told me she talked to her mom, her mom was very supportive and the young girl decided to keep the baby. I often wonder what the child ended up being in life. God is full of wonderful miracles.

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