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Why Shouldn’t I Be a Misanthrope?


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  1. I’m sure it is a simple mistake. They probably thought the sign meant that veterans were not supposed to wade in the fountain after all they are not allowed on the grass either!

  2. I’m not so sure. I’m a cold war vet, never had to do that really nasty shit to my counterparts, but I was combat arms.

    You know, carried a gun, wore dirt on my body.

    If they want to enjoy the water, that’s OK with me. They are sharing a simple joy the men honored there did also. Clean, cool water wasn’t something to be passed up nor treated lightly.

    If they want to wade around, kick up the spray, I can’t help but think the passed soldiers would smile down on this simple pleasure.

    But if they visit Arlington, shut up, keep your mein serious and observer the protocols if you visit the guarded tomb. That is the place to show your respect.

    Wouldn’t kill you to take a flower to a man’s grave and speak his name out loud.

    That’s IF you aren’t acquainted with any of the inhabitants there. Some of us are.

  3. Didn’t take it that way Arnold.

    Others may have very different opinions than mine. And that’s OK.

    I’m not saying my take on things has any validity. But I’ve known a whole shitload of soldiers, and a scant few Marines.

    I just have to think my passed brothers wouldn’t mind too much to have the people they protected getting their feet wet in the middle of a monument (that I’ve visited and pondered about while there) dedicated to their sacrifice.

    GI’s mostly ain’t stingy nor stodgy.

  4. Problem is, it’s in English. Illegal aliens aren’t required to know english. The picture sign with red line through it, looks to them like “Don’t walk on water.” Like good democrats, they know only obama’s allowed to do that. or else, red lines are meant to be crossed in obamaland.

  5. Show me another public memorial fountain anywhere in the world where, on a sweltering ho day common to the DC swamp, people don’t go in the fountain.

    As for the coins – seems DC should be happy they get people’s wages voluntarily rather than having to turn them upside down to shake out every last penny.

  6. Take some of that Mexican border fence money and put a beautiful sculptured bronze fence around memorial. Electrify the pond. Surround the memorial with wounded Army and Marine troops until project completed. Consider putting a shallow moat around the perimeter for those who want to cool their little piggys. Put up collection boxes all over the place and tell folks where the money is going.

  7. I used to maintain the fountains on the House side of Capitol Hill (Center Court, West Court, East and West Underground) and we put enough chemicals in them to kill a horse.

    I don’t know if they do that down on the Mall, though.

  8. Try the one West of the National Gallery of Art.
    You can WADE, but not walk around.


    BECAUSE idiot tourists step on the pipes and also get hurt by the water pressure of the fountain…and then blame (read: sue) someone else.

  9. I was wondering why the Parks Dept doesn’t just keep an electrical current going 24/7. Just as a cattle prod or an electrified fence–after all, you’re dealing with a similar IQ.

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