The Proud Boys and Founder Gavin McInnes Permanently Banned From Twitter

Anyone publicly associated with the Proud Boys is being banned.

The Proud Boys Official account has been banned.

What are the Proud Boys?

WIKI- Members of the Proud Boys are men who support the tenant that “the West is the Best,” which the group defines with the term ‘Western chauvinism’. The organization’s website say it doesn’t discriminate based on on race, sexual orientation, or sexual preference. Gavin McInnes has said that the Proud Boys are not alt-right.


“Specifically for” is left blank.

82 Comments on The Proud Boys and Founder Gavin McInnes Permanently Banned From Twitter

  1. I just posted this below.

    “That’s so they couldn’t communicate during this week ends upcoming festivities. It promises to be nasty.”

    The timing is uncanny.
    Time to explore the deep web for all conservatives. Let them follow us there.

  2. Ive said it before but this proves I was right!

    Face Book + Twitter hate America. they work to destroy my country. this should be the late proof any American needs!



  4. The Proud Boys are calling on their way back from the fire
    In August moon’s surrender to a dust cloud on the rise
    Proud boys fallen far from glory
    Reckless and so hungered on the razors edge you trail
    Because there’s murder by the roadside in a sore afraid new world

    They tried to break us, looks like they’ll try again

    Proud boys never lose it
    Proud boys never chose this way
    Proud boys never close your eyes
    Proud boys always shine

  5. LocoBlancoSaltine

    Jeez pal, so far the Proud Boys are human punching bags. Waiting for them to dominate the cross dressers. I’m not joking, weak shit.

  6. All the internet social groups are going the way of the NYT, CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, Washington Post and the rest of the socialist/progressive media. The only free speech they print, air or allow is the divisive and damaging political speech they are advocates of (socialism/communism/progressivism).

  7. You got sirens for a welcome
    There’s bloodstain for your pain
    And your telephone been ringing while
    You’re dancing in the rain
    Proud boys wonder where is glory
    Where is all you angels
    Now the figureheads have fell
    And lovers war with arrows over
    Secrets they could tell

  8. @ Bad_ Brad – maybe perceived as punching bags, BUT they are on the ‘front’ lines…IOTW is not deep web enough I guess!


  9. “IOTW is not deep web enough I guess!”

    I’m not sure what you mean by that. A week or two ago they were challenged by some lefties in a North Hollywood Restaurant. A couple girls kicked their asses. Look, I appreciate their political leanings and their resolve. But if you specialize in playing video games, get the F out of the way. Go sit down until the real shit starts. You can bring food and water.

  10. Loco,
    Here’s what you need to know. I win. Every time. If I can’t win, I don’t fight until I can win. Read my last post.
    I have Loserphobia.

  11. @Bad_Brad August 10, 2018 at 10:21 pm

    > Time to explore the deep web for all conservatives.

    Oh, Brad. The deep, dark web is for pedophiles. And druggies. And Islamists. Oh my.

  12. @ Bad_ Brad – what I meant by that is, if you are here posting away, this is DEEP web compared to the average non give a shit person on the street.

    Being here is what makes us prepared…and on the ready.


  13. MJA gets me! 🙂

    Brad, I am working in Sin City.

    Tasting a new (to me) tequila, Bracero, Reposado

    My review:
    Aroma: Cooked agave, vanilla, nuts, spice and light fruit. Very complex and inviting.
    Initial Taste: A very pleasant entry with agave, fruit and a bit of spice.
    Body: Very rich/oily and complex. The oak element comes through a bit more, but compliments the agave, caramel, fruit and spice (cinnamon) nicely.
    Finish: A pleasant, but medium-short finish. Notes of oak and spice are most prominent with just a light sweetness to round it out.

  14. Anonymous
    The research I’ve done, which is limited, leads me to believe that statement is dated. The deep/dark web is traditionally were anything nefarious on line takes place. There’s an app, Thor, that seems to be the portal in. From what I’m reading they are trying to regulate the criminal activities on the “Deep” web and make it respectable but still unfiltered. Thor is also implemented advertising on web sites. Disclosure, I have not had time to drill deeper. But at first glance this is starting to look like a haven for the right minded. Anybody here more edgumicated than me on the Deep web, please in form me/us.

  15. LocoBlancoSaltine

    Don’t tell me you’re staying with MJA. Joepak and I were going to go to Frontsight but didn’t have enough nickels for a hotel room with a double bed. She shut us down. We both still occasionally cry at night. Especially Joe. LOL.

  16. @Bad_Brad August 10, 2018 at 11:20 pm

    Harrumpph! Allow me to straighten my bowtie. Before straightening your error.

    No place, real or computerized, that isn’t welcoming to those in pussy hats, is good enough for true conservatives. If the good xen of law enforcement say “that ‘place’ is nasty”, that’s good enough for me. As it should be for all loyal citizens.

    (And, by the by, there’s no “h” in “dark”. Nor “deep”.)

  17. BB, I’ve used thor but had to uninstall it. It must have used a lot of memory or something. Computer didnt like it as i recall.

  18. Thanks Charlie
    I have a “throw away” computer I’ll try it on first. I feel like I’m jumping into that movie Tron. Having said that, shit gets real it’s either the dark web or carrier pigeons for us.

  19. LocoBlancoSaltine
    Let me erase any doubt, it would. I don’t like weak sisters. After all, how’s Teddy doing? He just begged Trump to hold a rally in his district.

  20. Brad, I laid the wood to your lame arguments in 2016.
    I hate to keep beating a dead horse.

    Ted Cruz is a Trump ally now.
    Like Frozen…Let It Go!
    Ted will still be in the swamp long after DJT.
    Why keep going after him?
    Damn, Nancy Pelosi is in your back yard, picking your tomatoes.

    BTW, you sound a bit like a dick, why would I want to meet you?

  21. “Ted Cruz is a Trump ally now.:

    BULL SHIT. That asshole is a Canadian Plant. Can’t believe you fell for that line of shit in the first place. Wait, lets all pray to the baby Cruz. The guys a fucking cancer globalist. He backs Trump with an exception every time. Fuck that asshole. If Trump goes down there to support him I will be disappointed. We’d be better off with the Libtard. At least he’d be consistent in his message. Cruz is a faggot globalist. Period, end of story. He loves the Krotch brothers. After all, that’s where he gets his money. Look it up.

  22. @Bad_Brad August 10, 2018 at 11:42 pm

    > I have a “throw away” computer I’ll try it on first.

    The device only matters if you use it for “banking” (keeping nekkid pictures of yourself, backing up Hillary’s emails — you know, stuff you don’t want to share with the Russians). The deep, dark “web” is for your connection point(s) (the network). Since you already seem to be happy to sign up for government lists, skip the “install” and grab a copy of “Tails” (here, let me Goolag that for you, Read the “instructions” (if that’s how you roll). Grab a copy. Verify it (if that makes you feel better). Burn it. Drop the disc in something that can boot from a “CD” (latop and public Wi-Fi — if you think you’re not on a list, yet, because Jesus told you so). Enjoy the drugs and kiddie porn, you traitor.

  23. “Brad, I laid the wood to your lame arguments in 2016.
    I hate to keep beating a dead horse.”

    And yet your guy lost. In fact, he got killed. Even tried to cheat the electorate and disfranchise my vote. Ted Cruz is a piece of shit. You wood was and is kindling. Ted Cruz is a problem for patriotic Americans.

  24. Never heard of the proud boys before, but damn, JUST saw McInnes on Twitter like three hours ago. Just came back and he’s gone.

  25. Loco
    I rarely think about that asshole, until I run into one of his disciples. Like I say, I hope Trump doesn’t go down there to save that weak jawed prick. But then again, you laid the wood to me. Right? Not the way I remember it. In fact I remember your pussy ass asking FUR to block me from banging on you lack of logic. Remember that? We should never meet. You wouldn’t like it. Go Cruz. Man up bitch.

  26. “In fact I remember your pussy ass asking FUR to block me”
    I can handle myself VERY WELL thank you.
    What a feckless cunt you are Brad.
    What a liberal leftist prick thing to do, tell a goddamn flat out lie.
    Maybe Fur can back you up?
    What’s that?

  27. “In fact I remember your pussy ass asking FUR to block me”

    The hell it was asshole.If need be I’ll dig it up. You sounded like a little girl. Several Trump supporters and I keep in contact via email from IOTW. We all agree, we don’t trust the Cruz fanatics.

  28. Brad, when all was said and done, I voted for DJT.
    And dare I say, voting in Florida, my vote meant A WHOLE HELL OF A LOT MORE THAN YOUR WORTHLESS PIECE OF SHIT CALIFORNIA VOTE.

    You even voted for Hillary!
    Wait, Loco can tell flat out lies too?

  29. During the primaries I argued with many people on iotw.
    Abigail Adams and I had many battles.
    That said, I respect her and her posts.
    I let it go.
    Why can’t you?

    I was on and off the Trump Train so much, I knew all the conductors.
    Like Mark Levin, I liked Trump at first, then he would say something STUPID, and I would think “no way he is elected.”
    Trump getting elected was a minor miracle, he was lucky Hillary is such a feckless cunt.
    Nonetheless, once DJT was the candidate, I supported him 100%.

    Why are you saying I asked Fur to block you?
    That is such an absurd thing it is so fucking laughable.
    Prove your lie!
    You can’t.
    It is flat out bullshit, you know it.
    “I asked Fur to block you.”
    Bwahhahahaha!!! 🙂

  30. “You even voted for Hillary!
    Wait, Loco can tell flat out lies too?”

    You need a Cruz intervention. He lost. In fact he will never run again he lost so bad. He’s probably not going to get reelected unless that evil Trump runs to his rescue. This is why Trump supporters don’t trust Cruz fanatics. You’re sounding like the perfect name calling Libtard tonight.

  31. Sadly Brad, DJT is in the battle of his life to stay president.
    Ted Cruz just needs to beat some feckless libtard IN TEXAS!

    Sorry sport, but your arguments are weak-sauce.
    You are such a moron. I can’t believe it.

  32. Mostly a lurker here who comments once in a while but I do need to say I love Donald Trump and voted for him but in primary was torn between him and Cruz. Voted Cruz in the primary here in Texas. I really didn’t care I support them both. Bad Brad you do come across as a dickhead sorry but it’s true. Why can’t you let bygones be bygones?

  33. Anoymous
    ” Enjoy the drugs and kiddie porn, you traitor.”

    So because I decided to explore the fucking deep web I’m a traitor. And mean while I have this little pussy dog barking at my heals? WOW.

  34. KMHendu
    If you have the balls to call me a dick head to my face, I’ll except it. Loco doesn’t. But here’s the deal, It was crystal clear for so many of us. Why wasn’t it for you? Please consult with us before you ever vote again. I’m serious. You gotta be pretty damn stupid not to see the right choice.

  35. @Bad_Brad August 11, 2018 at 1:07 am

    I didn’t think you were old enough to care if somebody called you a racist.

  36. Brad, until I meet your faggot, pussy-ass, face to face.

    Have the balls to at least have an HONEST ARGUMENT.
    Seriously, “Loco asked Fur to ban me” is beneath you.
    Fess up! You lied. Why? Are you a worthless lying leftist?
    Really, that is such a preposterous lie I will never let it go.
    I am a stubborn SOB and if someone speaks total bullshit about me I am down for the fight.
    Recant that horseshit and we can move on.
    Don’t be a pussy. Admit you lied.

  37. Anonymous

    I’m not sure this is worthy of a response, but you called me a dick head, not a racist. I’m not doing battle with you if you can’t up your game. That’s some weak shit.

  38. I find it so odd that you would come up with “you asked Fur to ban me” as an argument against me.
    What fantasy world do you live in?
    During the 2016 primaries we took up entire threads fighting like cats and dogs.
    I bet a few requests to ban ME were put in place.
    Not from you, Brad, but from a few others, especially of the female persuasion.
    Thing is, Fur doesn’t play that BAN shit.
    There was one asshole he banned but it was only because the guy was a troll.

    Seriously, why would you make such a blatant lie?
    You lost ALL credibility with me.
    You are just a douchebag liar now.

  39. “Brad, until I meet your faggot, pussy-ass, face to face.

    LOL, what’s that supposed to mean? Are you going to lick my ass?

  40. I will call you a dickhead right to your face Bad Brad. I ain’t scared. Btw I said you come across as a dickhead here on line. That doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy the majority of your posts, because I do. That being said calm down. We are on the same side.

  41. If I have to explain it…dumbass…
    “If you have the balls to call me a dick head to my face, I’ll except it. Loco doesn’t.”

    Damn, you are thick!
    I am so tired of suffering fools.
    Good night, asshole. 🙂

  42. Loco,
    I’m far from the only one that noticed that weak crap. We’ll never be friends. You stay off my shit and I’ll stay off yours. keep a wide birth, I’ll do the same.

  43. “We are on the same side.”

    In case you haven’t figured it out, I only have one side, mine. Waiting to see you face to face.

  44. So my kids and grandkids just left and I see this thread and I just laugh, then I get a glass of wine. I’m thinking I love this passion and aggression, I just would like it turned against our real enemies, the fucking libs and rinos. I would have liked to have been involved earlier but family was here. I bet if a bunch of us got together it would be a rip roaring good time.

  45. Like I said I ain’t skeered! I am a veteran and had my share of barroom brawls. I live in Canyon Lake, Tx in between Austin and San Antonio. Not goading you but I won’t back down. From Iowa originally.

  46. Speaking of Las Vegas, I think a perfect place for a bunch of us to meet is at the Haufbrau House (spelling may be off) in Vegas. Neutral ground, fun as hell, beer drinking, shots taking good time. A bunch of us went there for lunch a couple years ago and we ended up having dinner there too. We drank so much beer it’s unbelievable. I can’t wait to go back there, fun as hell. Just a thought. I’ve got some other good ideas too in case anyone is interested.

  47. If you haven’t been there, it’s one of the few places in Vegas with no slots or gambling. They have an MC that seems to drink more than anyone else there, could be non alcoholic, but the guy is a hell of a showman. I wonder if he is still there. It’s a big place too, I bet it seats 600 people.

  48. {{sneaks in, ducks, zig-zags, avoids punches}}

    The dark web is TOR not Thor. I figure accuracy is worthy of rigorous debates.

    Look up Ross Ulbricht as just one example of how the govt frowns on its usage.

    Carry on. {{quietly exits}} 😉 ✌️

  49. Well, Miss Engelburka, if you’re gonna’ go all schoolmarm on us (without any of the naughty bits), then I’m disinterested enough to point out that Tor’s not the only grue in the dark. But it’s good enough for government work.

    (Oh, and don’t “Look up Ross Ulbricht” anywhere you wouldn’t look up “Bomb Making for ISIS Dummies”.)

  50. Loco, as long as you’re in Vegas you should check that place out. It’s most fun with a group of people but you can go there for a field trip. I’ll be in Vegas in January for a sales meeting and it’s always a destination for us.


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