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The Recycling Scam

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A new report, called “The Fraud of Plastic Recycling,” accuses the plastics industry of a decades-long campaign “…to mislead the public about the viability of plastic recycling,” despite knowing the “technical and economic limitations that make plastics unrecyclable” at a large scale.

“They couldn’t ever lie about the existence of plastic waste,” said [investigative researcher Daivd] Allen. “But they created a lie about how we could solve it, and that was recycling.” More

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  1. The recycling program in my area is paid by feed tacked on to my water bill along with waste pickup (done this way so nobody could opt out) so I’ll continue to use it even though I know the majority goes to the landfill.

  2. There are only a few things that can be made from bulk recycled plastic, like the plastic “boards” you see in park benches.
    When you blend random types of plastics together the result is a material that has really poor properties. That’s why they came up with the number code. Nobody follows it so what ends up in the recycling centers is a mishmash of unblendable plastic “trash”. It costs too much to pay even minimum wage people to hand sort.
    They were shipping it overseas to Asia in all the empty cargo ships after emptying them at our ports of all the junk we buy from Asia. The Asians finally had enough of that and wouldn’t accept any more, so many started dumping their loads in the oceans.
    Rather than just accepting that we would have to burn the plastic in our dumps we are now going to have to pay more to clean up the beaches and floating plastic “islands” and then still burning it.

  3. Plastics can be recycled, but the method would not be liked by environmentalists. You take the plastics, shred them into little pieces, put them into a large retort. Remove the air, and then heat the retort to 700 degrees. The plastics will melt and turn into gas or liquid. The gas can be drawn off to heat the next batch and the liquid can be use as feedstock to a refinery. You aren’t producing any products, but you are getting rid of them.

  4. Jethro, the town criers are now bleating that there’s waaaay more plastic at the bottom of the sea than there is floating. Could be, but it’s mighty convenient to have such a menace where nobody can verify its existence. We just have to take some “expert’s” word for it, I reckon.

  5. ALL recycling is fraudulent – except for recycling politicians into the media and Academia.
    We live in a closed system outside of the occasional light gasses which reach escape velocities and the occasional meteor/meteorite.
    ALL plastics can be rendered into their original compounds if it was economically viable – it isn’t.
    Makes you wonder why these crybaby $Billionaires aren’t doing it at a great loss instead of playing the hypocrite, doesn’t it?
    But, like the proverbial dog eating his own vomit, Gates, Buffett, the Hobo guy, Zuck, the bald-headed guy, et. al. would rather keep their own loot (and yours) than expend it in a way that would actually do some good, or, at least,
    accomplish some goal they propound to be good.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …


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