The sickening violence at Venezuela’s Mother of all Marches


American Thinker:

[…] At the Mother of all Marches, held in 12 or 13 cities across Venezuela, the Chavistas did what they always do: They sent in some motorcycle goons to casually fire a weapon at the crowd, killing one or two members, in a calculated move to scare the others off. Nobody ever gets punished for these state-sponsored murders. The Chavistas attribute them to random street violence and over-excited passions of mobs, the same way the Susan Rice and her little pawn Ben Rhodes once attributed the calculated murder of a U.S. ambassador in Benghazi, Libya to a mob incited by a video.  more here

Photos : AFP

16 Comments on The sickening violence at Venezuela’s Mother of all Marches

  1. this could be next at such stellar institutions such as berkeley and the press will be silent, except for telling us how great obama was and what a miserable, racist, misogynist, homophobe trump is

    it’s all trump’s fault, doncha know

  2. “this could be next at such stellar institutions such as berkeley”

    Well Colters back on. The school backed down. LEO and the Tactical training community is warning Antifa can’t wait to shoot a Trump supporter. Holding that event on the campus, abiding by their rules is stupid.

  3. Separate topic totally off topic. Watching Tucker Carlson right now interviewing RFK JR right now.

    When did he turn into Katherine Hepburn? Weird.

  4. RFK was Hepburn. Voice quavering. Weird. It was if it was his first time on television and was nervous as hell.

  5. I was word playing, of course.
    Maybe he’s channelling his great or great great grandmother, or auntie Rose. I lost track of the Kennedys long ago.

  6. Seriously, though, how can the government not win the battle against the people of Venezuelia” The people are not armed.
    I don’t believe the Monroe Doctrine, or any other doctrine that comes to mind, which is less than two, can be stretched enough to allow, God forbid, US intervention. So what stops it?

  7. They armed the government supporting civvy’s “militia” to
    enforce what the army can’t.

    Those people are phucked. They are in the end stages now.

  8. RFK, Jr. Burger shakes like he’s seizuring in a helicopter while simultaneously having a broomstick pulled outta his ass.

  9. Maybe this is why the lefties disarmed their civilians? It’s a lot easier to ride roughshod over helpless people.

  10. I was working at a dairy in venezuela years ago during the second election of chavez.
    gangs of red shirted kids were driving around in large farm trucks going from polling station to polling station beating up voters.
    our work was stopped and we were “smuggled” out of the country that day to return home.
    venezuela has gone from one of the most prosperous country’s to one of the poorest in a very short time.
    socialism runs out of everyone else money sooner or later.


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