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  1. Hopefully she can swing it. Or France is toast. I don’t claim she’s a Conservative by our standards, but if she’s what it takes, then she’s what it takes.

  2. Big Fur, you should do a photoshop depicting her as Joan of Arc, cuz that’s what she really is…a modern-day Joan of Arc. She is the last chance for France.

  3. The French are a bunch of surrender monkeys. They will do the wrong thing, as usual, and then expect the rest of the world (meaning the US and Britain) to come to the rescue, just like in WWI and WWII. That’s what centuries of fighting with your feet and fucking with your face does to a nation.

  4. it’s a weird world where i will say that i would vote for a socialist, but it is now about survival against the islamic scourge that is turning this world black while clueless morons make sure there selfies look good with that new beard or tattoo

    we are soooo fucked

  5. i want to see her win. I recall the video BFH posted. It was of a french father holding his 5 yer old son after a mohammedan savage truck ran through a crowd in French coast. He said “i hope Trump can be our president” or sum thing like that.

    Surely Frenchmen can see how they are losing their families and culture. Stand up and throw those invaders out.

  6. Where in the hell does importantly come from. I can take it when I make a mistake, but when this frickin tablet makes a correction that is wrong, that pisses me off.

  7. Election is reportedly Sunday the 23.

    Joan of Arc. Maggie Thatcher. Marine LePen.

    Women who answered the Call, when no man was available.

    We should not forget the French were a manly people once, before their gene pool was decimated by wars. And it was a government of socialists/fellow-travelers who surrendered in 1940 to merge with National Socialism.

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