The Speed of Things – IOTW Report

The Speed of Things

Interesting video of speed comparisons of various things.

The POV portion where you’re in a rocket sled going down a street is pretty cool.

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  1. Great clip… sadly, our technology has given us great strides of advancement but our mentality has driven us to the depths of hell.

  2. Yes! They included the manhole cover from Operation Plumbbob!

  3. Awesome video. To bad they never clocked me jumping out of bed with a hamstring cramp.

  4. If it survived exiting the atmosphere, the Pulumbbob manhole cover is by far the most distant man-made object from Earth.

  5. ^^^ bet that broke the speed of sound!

    what about Musk’s Tesla?
    oh, that’s right … it’s an EV … nevermind

  6. European of African swallow?….Or a sorority sister from Delta, Delta, Delta….Boulder Colorado 1981?….

  7. Way more fun if you change the playback speed to twice the speed

  8. Still not as fast as the buses leaving Martha’s Vineyard.

  9. Yeah, let’s just keep sending those zippy space probes into outer space, what’s the worst that can happen?

  10. It was I who extracted speed from velocity.

  11. Best I ever did was 165+ on my old 1986 Yamaha FJ1200 but motorcycles are notorious for speedo error so I’ll never really know.

  12. Speed of Joe Biden: 188,000 lies per hour.
    Faster than the MSM can see them.

  13. That was really cool. Now if you played all 20 some odd minutes of Autobahn by Kraftwerk loudly in full stereo on a pair of Bose 901 speakers that would be even better.

  14. Got nuthin on a coke/meth speedball …

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