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The Thrill of Victory, The Agony of La Derrota

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It’s every athlete’s worst nightmare. 

You’re in the home straight, draped in your country’s flag, the finish line just ahead of you and a hard-earned championship medal just within your grasp.

As you raise your hand to celebrate, from seemingly nowhere, a rival comes past you in the final 2 metres to snatch away your bronze medal.

That was the nightmare faced by Spanish race walker Laura García-Caro at the end of the 20-kilometre race walk at the European Championships in Rome overnight. Watch

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  1. Could be worse. You cold be the best female college basket ball player of all time (the GOAT) and because you happen to be white be locked from the your countries Womens Olympic Basket Ball team by 5 black bigots. Brittney Griner’s part of the team. She rides the bench. And has scored a total of 11 points this year. Has zero assists. Very very small minds here.
    Or maybe they only excepted lip lickers. Either way the Olympics should be boycotted for relying on racist POSs to pick team members.

  2. I agree with Brad’s comment. Thx Brad.

    So tired of this anti-white bullshit but the end is near.

    Reminds me of the George Floyd statue while Derek Chauvin rots in prison.

    There is ZERO justice. Yet Trump’s the vengeful Nazi.

    11/5 can’t get here fast enough.

  3. When you’re in a competition, you must always know your competitors’ standings and positions to the best accuracy possible. Sometimes, you just cannot know, but this wasn’t one of those. Sorry, Srta. García-Caro, but you simply weren’t paying proper attention.

  4. cato,
    “Griner a National Embarrassment should be eliminated.” (FULL STOP)

  5. cato
    If you want to eliminate that Lesbian Male Griner, you need to eliminate the racist 5 black lesbian judges responsible for that decision. Did I say small minds? Minuscule.

  6. I’m pretty sure Griner is a true hermaphrodite of the XXY variety. So if Griner is attracted to women, does that make Griner a lesbian .. or half hetero

  7. Callmelennie

    LOL. I thought I cover this above. It’s a male Lesbian. Which I guess I am too. I just celebrate the fact I have a dick. And like, well, you know.

  8. Cynic, I think sometimes secrets are best kept until they are most useful. Granted that may take some time, but I’d play my cards when they can make a difference. The ruskies may never disclose, but they know it’s a card that can be played.

  9. Agreed, Brad. Note: Racists sabotage themselves. Catlin Clark is a superstar and will become a Women’s Basketball legend. Keeping her from competing in the Olympics is a stupid, shortsighted move. A lost marketing opportunity to make a profit and get more eyes on the Olympics. They’ll regret it.

    Just guessing, but a group of (lesbo) black racists are only fronting as the ones who organized the team.
    The real decision makers are probably leftist corporate executives appeasing the BLM/DEI woke.

    Also, they’re literally hedging their bet, older players and a mediocre, infamous player, Griner can get the gold. We’ll see if the American Women’s Basketball team can keep it together…it won’t be easy.

  10. Seems like as the years progress, I find myself supporting/cheering Team USA less and less. Even more than that, I find myself grimly happy when some of the athletes loose, especially in an upset. Sad

  11. They’ve brought it on themselves, erb.

    Given the prominence of representing the nation and they (being Athletes in
    The United States) sh*t all over the country. All the world (including us) hate them for their puffed-up sense of entitlement and being coddled by the establishment.

  12. erb and Dr. Tar,

    That’s why I like the movie, “Miracle.” Back when the hockey teams were not professionals and the win was a nail biter! It made me proud of the USA.

    I seriously can’t remember the last Olympic game I watched since then.


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