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Why Does the Left Love Genocidal Killers?

Alan Dershowitz published by Gatestone Institute

The left does not hate these oppressors. They do hate Israel and its primary ally, the United States, because they are free market, Western states. Consequently, they support the enemies of these enemies, who in this case are the Palestinians. In previous wars, the left supported the Viet Cong, Pol Pot, North Korea and Cuba. It has always been more about identifying with the alleged perpetrators — Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Castro, Che Guevara — than with the alleged victims. More

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  1. There is no ‘ONE’ dimension, (it is impossible).

    You can’t gauge heat unless there is cold.
    You can’t relate to ‘light’ unless there is dark.
    There is no such thing as ‘Right’ unless there is wrong.
    The leftists, liberal, commies are WRONG…end of lesson.

  2. Back in 1975 when the Khmer Rouge (Cambodian Reds) overthrew the Cambodian gov’t, a leftist student newspaper had a front page picture of one of the Khmer Rouge butchers yelling and brandishing a pistol – a .45 if I remember. The Headline was in big letters saying something like “A Great Day for Cambodia” or something similar. It wasn’t long after that the Killing Fields started, and finally ended after a couple million Cambodians were murdered. That was a huge loss of life for a small country with only 6-7 million people.

  3. Former gold member of Jeffery Epstein’s Pedo Island who will be forever remembered for helping get OJ Simpson freed. His 15 minutes of fame ended a long long time ago. The only ones listening to this total POS are of course, MAGAgots. They then turn this into projectionism nonsense. No worries though, we/Americans know exactly what fuks you type idolize, for dat bees your bread & butter.

  4. ^^^^

    LOL, you are fucking delusional. What ever media you’re paying attention too should be labeled fiction. In fact, you’d need to be damn near Joe Biden Brain Dead to believe any of that crap you just typed. I’ve said for a long time an I.Q. test should be required before they give you the privilege to vote. This clown would not qualify.

  5. Tim Buktu
    If you know, what happened to that paper, the writer, and the editor?

  6. “Why Does the Left Love Genocidal Killers?”

    Why are all Genocidal Killer from the Left? Because they hate everyone. They hate themselves the most. So everyone should die. This is the same reason their so in favor of abortion. They’re afraid the poor baby will turn out just like them. Miserable.
    Also the same reason why it’s always a lefty that shoots up a school.
    If we passed a law that prohibited Democrats from owning guns, and could enforce it, gun violence in our country would drop to zero.

  7. 0bama’s good buddy and domestic terrorist Bill Ayers and the Weather Underground were discussing killing 25 million Americans if they couldn’t be reeducated.

  8. @Wild Bill

    Ayers once said he was a communist with a small “c”, not a big “C” Communist. Perhaps thinking of himself as more of a useful idiot compared to the hard-core Communists who will actually blow the brains out of anybody who dare oppose them.

    So, Ayers and his girlfriend Bernadette supported other Weathermen who murdered some police officers but did not have the guts to do the job themselves. Cheering Communists from the sidelines is just as bad as pulling triggers to murder those that stand in their way.

  9. The left support genocidal maniacs because the left are demoniac sociopaths – miserable, insecure and resentful.
    They get their “jollies” controlling and destroying the people they hate.


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