The Wheels of the Jab Goes Round and Round

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  1. That picture is inaccurate.

    It’s tough to run like that when you’re paralyzed, you get winded pretty easy with an inflamed heart, and it would be more of a hurdle than a sprint because they’d have to jump over the increasingly large numbers of Jab induced dead.

  2. I have to chuckle when hearing from the good people on the right who have dutifully gotten their jabs, but are concerned that those of us who haven’t are facing heavy-handed coercion by the government. When they rolled up their sleeves for America, they thought they’d only have to do it once or twice. Now they find out that the merry-go-round never stops and some of them want to jump back in line for the anti-jab boat ride. Welcome back, y’all. We’re all in the same boat now. Let’s share our concern, fight for our rights, and hope we all make it to the end of the ride.

  3. Groucho when you admit someone with anything from an infected toe to major heart surgery as a “covid” patient and you say everyone is unvaccinated regardless of their poison jab status, they should just say 100% unvaxxed.

    What’s ironic is for over a year I knew not one person who was hospitalized or died from covid, yet out come the poison jabs and now that number just keeps rising of those I know who have not only died from the poison jab, but who have been hospitalized or died from “covid.”

  4. You put your left arm in (or right arm), you put your left arm out and do the hokey pokey and that’s what it’s all about. It’s time to call the jab the HOKEY POKEY because you get poked with a fake vaccine that may or may not kill you or make you sterile etc.

  5. Let’s just cut to the quick here…

    You morons swallowed this BS like Monica under bill’s desk…


    I’m still waiting for one of you swallowers to prove that 90% of covid hospitalizations aren’t you stupid antivaxxers…


  6. Groucho you prove all of the thousands reporting their injuries from the jab are not true. You prove the thousands of us reporting our family members died from the jab are not true. You prove the whistleblower nurses saying those hospitalized are jabbed is untrue.

  7. Thousands, millions give me a break… billions with their nut sack swollen too…. proof you wouldn’t accept the truth but rather believe in lies & hoofn mouth kool-aid. Wacked out your gourd comes to mind.

  8. I call it the civIc vaccine because all it’s for is so the government can enrich big pharmacy and their stockholders.

    Makes sense if it becomes a regular pay for view/play event.

  9. Groucho is not worth my time. Time is short and the jabs are making it shorter. Prior to the jabs I knew of no one who died from the virus. Since the jabs I now know of 6 people who have been added to our prayer list and now are in ICUs.

    On our prayer list back in early 2020, there were no COVID prayers requested. Now each week we have at least one.

  10. When enough of your friends and family get sick and or die because they refused vaccination get back to me..

    When your daughter gets to watch people die with lungs full of blood clots because they refuse to be vaccinated and she cries going to and from work and you get tired of it, get back to me…

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