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The Whole World Is Watching- Our President

As efforts to suppress the anti-regime protest ratchet up in Iran, President Donald Trump is making it clear that the people of America support the pro-freedom movement in the repressive Islamic state.

Many are starting to declare that our current president has done more with just a few tweets on social media than the previous administration did with years of negotiations and acquiescence to the despotic rule of the ayatollahs.  More

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  1. I swear, the smartest President ever. Trump is two steps ahead of everyone else. Thank goodness America (and the world) is not in the corrupt hands of HELLary Clinton!

  2. Happy New Year to all and go Trump!!! I stand repentant. I thought he would be a Lib in Conservative clothing. I was wrong.

  3. Strength, sanity, and a knowledge of what he represents, have drawn eyes back to the U.S. Instability is Martha Raddatz, who asked Mike Mullen today, if Trump is unstable. Time to cry again Martha.

  4. Luckily for the Iranian protestors this time, that cunt Iranian agent Valerie Jarrett is no longer in the White House. That bitch was doing Iran’s bidding for the entire fucking time her faggot “boss” was in the White House.

  5. The islamonazi revolution of 1978 was the most evil thing I ever witnessed. I’ve told this story before.
    I was a student at George Washington University, about 3 blocks from the White House. Jimmy Carter hosted the shah of Iran for his last state visit. The shah paid Iranian students studying at American universities from across the country to come to DC to rally in his support.

    It didn’t turn out that way. It was the ushering in of the Islamic State. Flat bed trucks with mock executions (hangings/beheadings) were rolling up and down the streets. These people were frighteningly serious and in a rage. I guess it was a year later that they took our embassy in Teheran.
    But seeing what I saw it was definitely trouble ahead.

    Not sure if Iran has even the remotest chance of escaping islamism.

  6. The whole world should be watching, and learning. President Donald Trump is the right man at the right time. I pray he stays safe, there is a lot evil out there.

  7. The whole world always watches the American President. For obvious reasons. This time they get to watch a go for the throat winner instead of the parade of losers we’ve had ever since Reagan. Providence at work.

  8. @joe
    “…the right man at the right time.”
    Rare indeed are the circumstances which allow this to be said.
    May we all live to see uninteresting times.

  9. I only wish that my Dad could be alive to see this. He knew My Donald would be a great President decades ago. I hope my father has a good view of all the MAGA from heaven and gets his pals on The Other Side to help watch over him. I LOVE President Trump!

    My little friends and I tied yellow ribbons on trees in our neighborhood for our hostages in Iran. I was seven years old when I first learned about flaming moes and their hatred for us. It seemed our people would never go free as Carter blathered away on TV (always interrupting my shows and never shutting up). I was so sad for our country. But my dad told me not to worry, because Reagan was going to be the next President and our enemies would be stupid to fuck with him because he would not tolerate the kind of shit. My dad was right.
    Trump is the man for our time. Just like Reagan was in 1980. God bless America.

    Happy New Year!

  10. Not only is everyone paying attention to President Trump, but at the UN, Nikki Haley is kicking ass. She was a choice that I didn’t know what to expect from, but I’m liking her a lot.

  11. I attended Basic Submarine School in New London, CT in the fall of ’78. At that time, there were several hundred Iranians there to get trained in submarines, as we were in the process of selling Iran some older diesel boats. They seemed like a bunch of serious, yet fun loving guys. I heard later that after the Ayatollah took over, the sailors I saw were all called back to Iran and executed.

  12. and nothing from Hussein Obama … crickets. Hillary, John F’n Kerry and Hussein all love Tehran. Glad Trump is in office. Now build the Freak’n wall!!!!!!!!!!

  13. NIdahoCatholic,

    One of those Diesel Subs sat in Key West Bight for a lot

    of Years.

    I think it disappeared after one of the Hurricanes.

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