They’ll Never Trust You Again With A Free and Fair Election


Brian Fallon, a former spokesman for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, celebrated Democrats’ victories in the Georgia runoffs for U.S. Senate on Tuesday by urging his party to “eliminate the filibuster,” make D.C. a state, and pack the courts. More

There’s also nothing stopping Pelosi now from HR 1. Here
‘Pelosi’s legislation is a massive federal power grab away from the states.’

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  1. The founders gave us everything we needed to guard the US from being taken over from within. The one thing they couldn’t supply was the balls.

  2. When you enter the game and put everything on the table, you either win everything or you lose everything you have to play again with.

    In this case, they won and there is nothing left to put on the table and continue playing with now.

    The game’s over, now go home and see if you can muster the resources to play again someday.

  3. Apparently, they haven’t trusted us with a free and fair election since at least 2016. And now we don’t trust them with anything. States are going to morph into Oblasts, mere federal administration units which will be part of larger federal administrative regions. And it will go the other way, too. Federal administration down to the local level.

    Find your place, convert your money into material and dig in. It’s coming sooner rather than later.

  4. Pretty clear that cloture is dead in the Senate. If they think they can pass a bill 50-50 plus Kamala tiebreaker they will pass it. I think there are a couple of Dems, like Manchin, who aren’t open to extreme things, but then again 0bamacare passed with every single senator.
    I sure as hell hope that for judges every Republican votes no on every single one – just as Dems have done the past 4 years.

  5. I sure as hell hope that for judges every Republican votes no on every single one

    LCD, this is not who we are.

  6. Manchin? I worry more about Romney, Collins, Murkowski and after yesterday, a majority of everyone. We’re just here for the ride now. USSA!

  7. I expect the nation to go rapidly downhill.
    The leftist journalists are strident and the newly elected are defiantly intent on fucking up everything.
    Elections matter.

  8. ” I think there are a couple of Dems, like Manchin, who aren’t open to extreme things, …. ”

    They’re more than offset by a larger number of Republicans that are.


  9. With dominion machines required by federal law in ever precinct with matching Smartmatic software, there will never again be a republican candidate who believes in the old republic idles to survive a primary, much less win in the general.

    Oh, they may give us the courtesy of the illusion that Conservatisms is still a viable political philosophy by keeping it somewhat close before a midnight fake ballot dump. But make no mistake, we are now in the last days of the government the founders established and Lincoln defended. Might as well let the left close Mount Rushmore and blast the images off the mountain. It will all be Howard Zinn history from now on and how the nation was saved from Donald Trump by the brave democrats and bureaucrats who fought against his brand of populism.

    For reference, look up the history of the Gracchus brothers who led their own populist movement in ancient Republican Rome.

  10. Dr. Tar, True. I came here to say essentially that but more like: never, ever, ever, ever, will a republican president exist again. Never ever! Commies are going to change the rules and unless Americans see the fraud you can refer to my previous statement. Given our media and state sponsored swamp, your average voting citizen isn’t ever, ever, ever going to see the fraud, see my first statement.

    The establishment will allow a Romney or Ryan to run for president and may even let one occasionally win. But once they solidify their ability to control elections through fraud, it will all be for show. Never again will we enjoy a populist to fight for the average American as we had in Trump. – Dr. Tar

  11. The left created the environment for all that happened yesterday. They never accepted Trump as a duly elected president.
    They persecuted Trump and spent the last four years trying to impeach him.
    They bastardized Trump and his followers for the last four years.
    They cheated and lied to steal the last election.
    They pushed and pushed and pushed until President Trump and many wonderful Patriots were pushed into a corner and what? They didn’t expect a fight!
    Sickening to see all their pathetic faces with the look of stunned disbelief as they blamed President Trump for something THEY caused!
    Well they got one over on the people.
    The people will never trust but a few loyal lawmakers.
    The Republican party might be over.
    These smucks on both sides will reap what they have sowen.
    Thank you Donald Trump for being a patriot,a leader for all Americans a true patriot, for making America greater than it has been for some time.
    That’s all I’ve got to say about that!


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