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Wednesday was a dark day with the storming of the Capitol by insurrectionists, but CNN apparently wanted to make it worse. In a sadistic back and forth during the wee hours of Thursday morning, CNN’s resident leftist-riot backers Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon lamented how they weren’t allowed to show off the moment a female Trump supporter and rioter was shot in the throat by Capitol Police as she tried to break down a door to one of the chambers of Congress. More

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  1. Some yahoos went on an impromptu history field trip at the Capitol without a chaperone. BFD.

    I didn’t see any pillaging if historical artifacts or attempts to burn it to the ground. The sacking of Rome didn’t end with the only accomplishment being to take selfies at the podiums.

    They talk like they threw a pillowcase over Chuck Schumer and AOC’s heads, a tarp over Jerry Nadler and are holding them at gunpoint.

    Just as an FYI, Kyle Rittenhouse has a better defense than the police officer who shot and killed the woman Air Force veteran.

  2. These assholes have yet to figure out they have killed the golden goose. With Trump gone who will they pick on next?

  3. @txb4evr You know how they talked about Russian collusion for years? Well, talk will be ‘Trump is disgusting’ for YEARS!!! But there audience will love it. They can all go to hell !!!!!

  4. And Pence is complete SCUM
    a man of God I said yesterday
    but now I know better
    It’s those beedy little close-set eyes I’ve always disliked
    Only good thing was his family and that Marlon Bundo book
    He did ok on his debates but what a PHONY

  5. Today, for the first time ever, I am sorry I ever served my 20 years in the military. I wanted to join when I was six and the proudest moment was. when I raised my hand–not any more. What constitution?

  6. The good thing about losing a presidential election, is that everything is now THEIR FAULT. And after every presidential election is a good chance to look at the expressions on peoples faces and discover who is friend or foe. Amazing how many women looked terribly angry for a looong time after Hillary LOST, it was very disturbing – who’d want to be married to one of those?

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