Think China won’t blink?

Think again–

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6 Comments on Think China won’t blink?

  1. They’ve been blinking like a strobe light. Trump is running circles around them and they can’t seem to figure out how to stop him. They are humiliated, they are so used to things being the opposite thanks to the shiftless scum that were so willing to use the US for a doormat.

  2. Except they’re communists. We have to effectively counter their innate authoritarian bloodthirst.

    What they see is: Invade Taiwan, let the NORK’s have at it again, and put the leash back on Vietnam.

  3. One thing that will never leave is the tossing of foreigners into prison for attempts to “overthrow the state.” It’s not a made in China thing, it’s a universal Communist policy. Vietnam tosses another U.S. citizen into prison and no one blinks.

  4. You know that Taiwan is an island, barely larger than Hawaii? Calling Taiwan a “country” at ~13,000 sq miles is like calling Hawaii a country at ~11,000 sq miles. Point is, that you cannot really expect it to ramp up production much more beyond its present capacity. As our poor neighbor, Mexico should be the main beneficiary of shifting trade.


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